Friday, May 4, 2012

Great Videos, The Result of Reason Foundation's Smug Arrogance

"Reason Foundation" is a group of despicable human beings of the worst character. Their mission in life is destroy every social program, and every existing restraint on Wall Street greed. In addition, they spend their days attempting prove that police brutality, unemployment, and all the things Communists fight against are caused by Communism.

Their ideal world is one where corpses of starving people line the side of recently privatized public streets.

They fume with hatred, not at big business, but at immigrants, Black workers, low income families, public school teachers, federal employees, and anyone else who gets in the way of Wall Streets ability to rake in endless profits.

The rank-and-file of the organization are arrogant socio-paths. They embrace Ayn Rand's understanding of history as being made "great men", who are held down by "the mob." They are all convinced, without a doubt, that they are "great men" (or women), and that the only reason they are not allowed to rule the world and live in luxury, is because "the mob" hates them for their superiority.

Reason Foundation is made up the kind of scum who joined KKK lynch mobs in the past, thinking that they were "fighting the oppression of white people" by brutally lynching defenseless people of color. They are the kind of people who thought "ubermenchen" in Germany were oppressed by Jews, so they enthusiastically loaded them onto to trains to Auschwitz in order to "fight back."

Andre Breivik and his crusade against "cultural Marxism" would find many allies in Reason Foundation. Both of them were convinced the capitalist countries of the west, where Bankers have all the power, were somehow "Marxist." Likewise, both of them think that impoverished people, immigrants, and teenage social-democrats are "oppressing them."

Libertarians are the scum who empathize with the bullies, oppressors, and tyrants in this world, and hate their defenseless victims. They cheer when innocent people suffer, and scream in disgust whenever an oppressor is restrained.

Unlike the Neo-Conservative right-wing, Reason Foundation crowd do not have an anti-intellectual bent. Rather, they are convinced that they themselves are "great thinkers." They believe that Ludwig Von Mises, Milton Friedman, and Ayn Rand are the most advanced expressions of economics, politics, and literature, and because they spend their days swallowing this easily refuted garbage, they are all-knowing experts on politics, economics, and literature.

While they are convinced they know all that can be known about politics, their understanding of the "Marxism" they loathe is beyond limited. As "experts" in Marxist thought, they believe "Communism is where everyone gets paid the exact same wages, no matter how hard they work." They say things such as "what is the difference between progressive taxation and Marxism?"

Their arrogance is their greatest downfall. The following two videos, were taken by the Reason Foundation's youtube outlet called ""

In these videos, Marxist-Leninists are allowed to present their views. Reason Foundation does not edit their view, or really even argue with them. They are so isolated and out of the mainstream of politics, they are convinced that simply seeing someone argue for Marxism-Leninism will shock people into embracing their rightist views.

So, as a result, these two videos are very entertaining and educational, though made by an enemy who is so arrogant, they cannot see that anyone would ever be convinced of views different from their own.

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