Thursday, May 10, 2012

Canadian Marxist-Leninists: "The Working Class as the Architect and Builder of the New"

From: The Marxist-Leninist Daily, Newspaper of the Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist)

To produce and deliver services, workers do not need owners of capital. Public enterprise has long proved that reality of the modern economy. If workers do not need owners of capital in production and delivery of services then they also do not need them in running the country and importantly do not need them to tell workers what to think or how to organize and manage our own affairs, resistance and politics.

The Anti-Human Factor/Anti-Social Consciousness of Owners of Capital

The anti-human factor/anti-social consciousness of owners of capital underscores their attacks on the working class, the economy and society. Their narrow focus on the rate of return on their investments is completely unsuitable for a modern socialized and interconnected economy. The anti-social aim and outlook of those who own Rio Tinto, U.S. Steel, ArcelorMittal Dofasco, Air Canada, Vale, Caterpillar, Resolute Forest Products, Wal-Mart, the energy, transportation and communication monopolies, etc., explain the irrational neoliberal actions they take to wreck manufacturing and public services, extort concessions from workers, drive down the standard of living and pollute Mother Earth. Then, in the face of recurring economic crises and disequilibrium, they have the audacity to praise themselves for having the "common sense" to serve their own narrow private aims and monopoly right in opposition to public right and the public good. Their representatives in business and politics call themselves Canadians and Québécois yet they attack their own people, often for the benefit of global monopolies that have no connections with Canadian communities except as exploiters that take money out of the local economy and when it suits their worldwide empire-building destroy the forces of production and distribution built and needed by Canadians. Their capital-centred psychosis to serve their narrow aim and private empires is destructive to nation-building and the rights of all.

The Human Factor/Social Consciousness

The working class has its own outlook in the form of the human factor/social consciousness of creators of wealth and embraces its own independent pro-social pro-human outlook. This is done through building a powerful and effective Workers' Opposition with collectives everywhere waging effective actions with analysis to defend workers' rights and the rights of all and the general interest of society, creating new organs of public opinion such as newspapers, websites, groups of writers and disseminators and forums where workers can regularly meet, discuss and take decisions on their own behalf and give rise to their own politics and representatives who take up the decisions for implementation and report back to their peers so that further decisions can be taken.
The actual producers and providers of services represent all that is healthy and forward-looking in humanity. The working class is the future, the only social force with the numbers, determination and modern thinking and outlook capable of resolving the problems of relations of production in a socialized economy. Workers have long proved capable of producing. Now is the time in the face of the disequilibrium caused by owners of capital to prove they are capable of not only resisting with responsibility but also leading and exercising control over the direction of the country's political and economic affairs.
The working class has the numbers, determination and modern aim and thinking, organizational skills and power to define Canada and Quebec in its own image and deprive owners of capital of the power to wreck society and deprive workers of their rights. Let all workers participate and do their part in the historic tasks that are before us.
On May First 2012, across the country in different ways, workers and their allies pledged to organize and build the new with their own thinking and outlook. Let the workers across the country uphold their dignity in actions which defend the rights of all, as the only social force capable of establishing equilibrium based on recognition of the rights of workers and the general interests of society.
The working class is the architect and builder of the new! Let it constitute itself the nation and vest sovereignty in the people!

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