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PressTV: Bankers, Corporations, and U.S. Foreign Policy

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An analyst says that the criminal war tactics by the US based on lies to sieze other country's resources and the clampdown on US citizen's rights is demanded by US elite bankers and corporations.

Press TV has interviewed Caleb Maupin, International Action Center, New York about the means exercised to achieve the Western imperialist agenda and how this relates hand in hand with controlling banker and US corporation influence over the US government and the US judicial system. What follows is an approximate transcript of the interview.

Press TV: Even prior to this memo (George W. Bush memo approving use of torture) surfacing everyone knows that Washington led everyone to war based on a lie that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. So, why are George W. Bush and his accomplices still free in your perspective?

Maupin: The first thing we need to keep in mind about the war in Iraq was that it was just the latest episode in a continuing effort by the US to go in and overthrow governments that defy them and don't do what the bankers on Wall Street would like them to do.

And it continued… Right after the election of Barak Obama the government of Honduras was overthrown in a coup d'tat that was backed by the CIA. The events in Libya where the government of Muammar Gaddafi was overthrown by Western forces supported with NATO bombs is the same kind of thing.

So, continually there is an effort, whenever some government stands up to the will of the bankers and the corporations, the response of Washington DC and Wall Street is to bomb and destroy.

They justify this imperialism essentially; and war for profits… they justify that always with talk of democracy; they're always doing it because they care so much about democracy and freedom.

But then, it's pretty apparent they don't really believe in those ideals because they're torturing people as this memo has shown and in addition, the governments they support around the world who do obey corporations are hardly democratic forces at all.

The government that replaced the Honduran democratically elected government of Manuel Zelaya, the government that replaced it was a military dictatorship.

In Libya, the forces that have replaced Gaddafi's government are going around massacring people so badly that even Doctors Without Borders will not associate with them because they are engaging in such horrendous acts of torture.

The idea that the US just out of the goodness of its heart cares, and you know, invades countries because it just cares so much is such a falsehood. The US, the military, the Pentagon, they all work for the bankers and the corporations and their end is to conquer; to bring profits to the banks; to bring profits to Wall Street and to keep the rest of the world enslaved so that they can continue making profits. That's what that's about.

And so whenever we hear them demonizing some government abroad we need to be suspicious because anytime they label a government as undemocratic or they label the government as terrorists or supporting terrorism, we need to remember it's coming from the mouths of the greatest terrorists in the world - The US corporations and the bankers, they're the greatest terrorists in the world. Whenever they accuse someone of being undemocratic, they're the most undemocratic forces in the world.

Press TV:
What you're saying is that it was a continuation - the war in Iraq a continuation and what we have seen since that time for example the involvement as you said in Honduras or Libya or perhaps even now as we speak, in Syria, is a continuation of that process.

But the question is where are the checks and balances internationally? Is it that the US can just get away with whatever it wants? Where is the international checks and balances then?

The international check and balance that can be established is the rising global movement. Occupy Wall Street has made it clear it supports the people all around the world that are struggling against the bankers and the corporations and the growing alliance between people in every country that are defying imperialists whether it's in Venezuela; whether it's in Cuba, Bolivia, Iran, Syria wherever people are struggling and defying imperialists there needs to be an alliance because the main enemy of humanity is on Wall Street.

The bankers and the corporations are the main enemy of humanity and if we're going to restrain it's going to take a global movement - a united struggle against these bankers and these corporations.

That's the glorious thing; people need to be in the streets and they are increasingly in the streets demanding that this end. And the Wall Street corporations that continue these wars, they are the same enemy of working class people in the US who are having their jobs shipped over someone else who will work for lower wages; the same corporations that are foreclosing on their houses and causing mass evictions and home foreclosures throughout the US - they are the same enemies. It's the same enemy.

A global alliance between workers in the US and working class people abroad who are defying the will of the banks and the corporations, that's the check and balance that needs to be created.

Press TV: One would think that in these very tough economic times at least if we look at this from the financial aspect and the cost these wars have had on the American economy itself that there would be more Americans demanding not only compensation for the costs that have been inflicted on the tax payers, but in general wanting someone to answer to them for destroying the society itself - the economy.

I know that you are part of the Occupy movement, but in general have we seen… we are not really seeing the mass protests the major numbers that one would expect from the American people at this point in time. What's your take?

The wrecking of the US economy - this is something that the US corporations and bankers, which own the US government are very good at. When they overthrew the socialist governments of Eastern Europe and put them in there they replaced the socialist governments with governments with higher rates of sex trafficking; the life expectancies went down…

Every time they've overthrown a government and done this they have never created peace and prosperity; it's always led to mass suffering for people all over the world.

The idea that these people in the US who send the NYPD out to run at us with orange nets; to pepper spray people; to break people's ribs; to step on people; to grab people - they do that when people just demonstrate for the crime of holding a sign in the street.

You know, to think that this government is a symbol of democracy is outrageous. Prior to the sanctions that were put on Iraq, Iraq had one of the higher life expectancies in the Middle East because they had seized the oil - the oil in Iraq did not belong to the Wall Street bankers and the corporations and as a result it went to provide for the economy in Iraq.

Well, now those profits are on Wall Street and those profits are in the hands of Wall Street bankers and corporations and the people in Iraq are in misery; there is not a single place in this world where the bankers and the corporations have intervened, have overthrown a government, have killed people - and they do kill people massively, and the result has been good for the people.

The result has always been the life expectancy of the people going down and misery; and the profits being sucked out of that country and going to the bankers and the corporations on Wall Street and that is the result of what US imperialism and what the bankers and corporations have.

And they're doing it in the US - they're destroying the economy; they are creating a low wage system and as a result there are millions and millions of youth in this country who don't have a future and their only choice is to pour out in the streets and demand justice.

The Treyvon Martin case coming up on May 10th there is going to be mass demonstrations because that is when the grand jury is going to decide. The US corporations and the bankers are so determined to keep racism - this ugly tool they've used to divide the working class and play worker against worker; they can't even convict a man who shot someone through the chest; they can't even charge him with a crime - that's how important racism is in maintaining their system and keeping their order and their power in the US.

This whole system is based in profits and exploitation and nowhere on the Earth, nowhere, can you show me a single place where the US has gone in, intervened and helped the people, the people have always have always ended up in a worse situation; the economies have gotten worse, but the profits have gone up.

The bankers and the corporations, which rule this government, are the worse mass murderers in this world. If we had a just society they would be in prison right now fro crimes against humanity because they have committed crimes in front of the entire world and gotten away with it.

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