Monday, July 18, 2011

Social-Democratic Anti-Corporate TV Spot Targets 16 Corporations

The ad above, which was played on National Television with money raised from NGOs, does the following things:

1. Targets the 16 top corporations, much like the social democrats and Trotskyists targeted the "60 Families" during the 1930s.

2. Correctly points out that the working class did not cause the depression.

3. Champions "small businesses."

4. Says "we aren't against corporations."

5. Makes of a point of including working class people, people of color, union members, and students.

6. Is quite a bit patriotic.

7. Seems to be from the vein of the Wisconsin "Anti-Corporate" response to the Tea Party led by organized labor and the Democratic Party's left flank.

8. Could potentially show an opening for "class against class" rhetoric among the broad masses of the U.S. working class.

9. Is very important amidst the social security and "debt crisis" debate or lack thereofe.

10. Should be studied by Marxist-Leninists as to what it represents in terms of class struggle and role of revolutionists.

Readers, comments or thoughts?

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