Friday, May 20, 2011

Caleb T. Maupin v. Alan Colmes: Two Nights in a Row, FBI Raids Called "B.S."

On Wednesday, I called in to the Alan Colmes Show about the new file discovered by the Committee to Stop FBI Repression.

Some unnamed staffer in the studio proclaimed that the FBI repression of Marxists was "B.S."

So, on Thursday, I called in again.

I pointed out that the FBI raids in Minnesota and elsewhere had been covered in numerous sections of the mainstream press, despite his shows position that it was "B.S." He proceeded to bait me for being a "promoter" of the Committee to Stop the FBI Repression.

I seriously wonder if the bosses at Murdoch's Fox have barred Mr. Colmes from taking the story seriously. He claims he can find nothing on it, but a google search for "FBI Raids" and "Freedom Road" will present thousands of results.

Glenn Beck even covered the story when seeking to demonize the uprising in Wisconsin.

Colmes attempt to deny that the FBI has raided the homes of Anti-War Activists and Marxist-Leninists is pathetic. Its an obvious reality. But he's not alone as the sole liberal on FOX. Rachel Maddow is yet to cover the story. Lawrence O'donnell and the other supposed liberals have given Obama's justice department a free pass on the issue.

Perhaps some other supporters of the Committee ought to call into his show. It's each weeknight at ten o'clock. They do very little call screening, as Alan Colmes is not exactly FOX's most well known radio host.

Mr. Colmes, a "liberal", should not be permitted to dismiss the attacks on Jess Sundin, Mick Kelly, and the countless others who have had their doors kicked open by agents for the crimes of being activists."

Who does the Media Serve? It's capitalist owners!

- Caleb T. Maupin

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