Sunday, April 24, 2011

Fascist Proclaims Raleigh FIST as part of "unholy trinity" - Misnames FIST as "Anarchist"

A testimony to the great work Raleigh FIST is doing to resist school segregation in North Carolina.

News Observer

Wake County school board member John Tedesco has what he calls his own version of a liberal "unholy trinity."

During a recent speech to the Northern Wake Republican Club, Tedesco said the members of the unholy trinity are the NAACP, the Great Schools in Wake Coalition and Raleigh FIST, a self-proclaimed anarchist group. All three groups have been fiercely critical of the school board for eliminating the use of socioeconomic diversity in student assignment.

"They will try and scare people," Tedesco said of the three groups. "People use fear. These are cowards who understand that anger can be power as long as there is a victim on TV. So they will strike fear."

Also during the speech, Tedesco said national critics of the school board such as former President Bill Clinton are going after the school board members because they're scared they'll succeed.

"If we can show them ...what great success conservatives can have in revamping public education, they're done," Tedesco said to the crowd. "They're done, and they know that. You are on the forefront of a national movement that is going to strengthen and reform public education for our children, for our communities. It's needed, it's necessary and it's needed now."

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