Sunday, March 27, 2011

What a debate!


1. The conservative guy of the Limbaugh trope argues against statistics with free market theory. In his mind, it is a sufficient argument against actual facts, to simply point out where they are contrary to the "theory" of Ayn Rand and Milton Friedman.

This would be the equivalent of me arguing against criticism of the Soviet Union, by quoting the Communist Manifesto, written almost a hundred years prior, and saying "No, it says in the Manifesto its supposed to be like this."

The gentleman from "Less Government" is so ideologically devoted to Rand/Friedmanism that actual statistics are refuted by predictions made prior to events.

2. "Think Progress" thinks Ronald Reagan was a good guy? I hope this is not their official position. He was very much a union buster.

3. "Solidarity" in Poland was supported by Reagan for being anti-Communist. I'm sure if a "solidarity" union of polish workers went on strike in the U.S., he would oppose them, just like he opposed PATCO and abolished their right to strike by invoking the Taft-Hartley Law.

4. Notice the logic of rebuttal: "Politi-Facts says the opposite." Response: "Politi-Facts is a left-wing..." Anything Left-Wing must be false, is the assumption. That would be the equivalent of me responding to an argument by the New York Times, FOX, or CBS by saying "That's a capitalist newspaper."

What a debate!

It was an ideological conservative screaming factless nonesense, at a "progressive" who is so desperate for "credibility" he attempts to usurp the mantle of Ronald Reagan, and hails the "union" that made no economic advances for its members, and was mainly used to destabilize a socialist country!

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