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Egyptian Communist Party: Continue the Revolution, Protect It From Conspiracies

From: Egytian Communist Party - Google Translation

From this rather poor translation via google, what I gather is a strong rejection of calls simply to amend the 1971. The Communist Party is rather calling for a new constitution. Secondly, they are stressing that the sectarian, religious based violence going on is possibly linked with the remnants of the Mubbarack regime and could be used as a pretext for counter-revolution.

The Communist Party of Egypt was re-founded in 1975, and from what I can gather, seems to be ideologically in line with the Communist Party of Greece, promoting Anti-Revisionism. From what I can gather, the only other party in Egypt currently advocating worker's power is the "Revolutionary Socialists", an organization linked with the International Socialist Tenency of "neo-Trotskyists" such as the British SWP and the US ISO.

However, many groups promoting "Arab Socialism" or "Islamic Socialism" are present in Egypt, preaching politics similar to the former Nationalist Pro-Soviet Egyptian President Abdul Nasser or Mummar Gaddafi in Libya.

- Caleb T. Maupin

At a critical moment passes in which the country bridge the transition from dictatorship and corruption to the state of democracy and the rule of law and social justice; and after the triumph of the revolution and its success in achieving some of its demands and continuity in this critical transitional phase of drafting a new constitution and to provide freedoms and the elimination of remnants of the institutions of the former regime.

We view the counter-revolution by spreading chaos and intimidate citizens and lawlessness

And the use of the ugliest and most dangerous weapons fanning the flames of sectarianism, which reflected in the crime of burning and destruction of the Church of Saints in the village of access Batfaih and the subsequent violence and bullying has killed a large number of dead and wounded was meant to stoke the fires of sedition in the country and abortion revolution, the Egyptian people, and this counter-revolution led by elements of state security and the remnants of the National Party and businessmen of the stakeholders in the return of the old system and who use bullying and some of the forces disguised religion who Qdo their lives in dealing with the state security service and those who Kano until recently denied exit to the Governor and even disbelieve who takes him or pretend to him as According to the fatwa against one of their leaders and national youth demonstrations, which stood against Mubarak, such as the Revolution also use some of the elements of those falsely claiming the defense of Egyptian Christians and were satisfied with their cases on the trading screen satellite TV.

It is known that whoever is behind all this are the counter-revolutionary forces and their allies of the reactionary regimes and third parties hostile to the revolution, the Egyptian people.

There is no doubt also that the viability of state institutions to use the same old ways of Tboois beards and customary meetings have proved unsuccessful in practice in the treatment of these serious issues.

We stress that the face of this sedition and inciting them not only at activating the principle of citizenship and non-discrimination and rule of law and trial deterrent to the perpetrators and instigators of and change the general climate in the areas of education, culture and information and the need for religious institutions and political forces and civil society organizations in turn spread the values ​​of religious tolerance and freedom of thought, conscience and equality, rationality and scientific thinking. On the other hand, we warn against the misuse of the weapon sit, especially in the field of liberalization - the symbol of the revolution - the weapon which was the most important and spent Enas success and continuation of the revolution 25; so we reject the use of this weapon of some groups are individually, allowing the forces of counter-revolution in the revolution and tarnish the image of millions of peaceful demonstrations and Atsamtha heroic managed to impress and respect for the peoples of the world.

The insistence on the continuation of the sit-chaotic despite an agreement by all the forces and communities revolt against the suspension has led to the exploitation of other conspirators against the revolution in the provocation of Egyptian citizens and seek to involve the armed forces to use violence against citizens, we call upon all political forces and popular gatherings and youth need to respect Tools and means of revolution and use the form, which helps to ensure their success in achieving its objectives. I have met all the bats of darkness to form a single row of counter-revolution, which works on the demolition of the Egyptian revolution great and ignite the fire of sedition between the sons of one nation and bring us back to back and try to re-impose dictatorship and the corruption of the National Democratic Party of Egypt through the ignition chaos in order to keep the masses of the Egyptian people to discuss urgent issues of the revolution, especially the need to develop a new constitution and reject any amendments to the Constitution of 71, which was dropped by the revolution.

Continuation of the revolution start now requires a constitutional declaration for a transitional period and the formation of a presidential council of civilian and military (or the election of a civilian president for a transitional period selected)

And the election of Constituent Assembly representing the Egyptian people, all walks of life and trends in the political development of a new constitution and amend laws to ensure that the freedom to form parties and trade unions, associations, and the law on political rights and to hold parliamentary elections on the basis of existing comparative non-conditional with the need to define a clear timetable for this transition period ranging from one year to year and a half ago.

The home in a delicate stage you need to awareness and action, organized to educate the masses and to mobilize and organize new forms of democracy behind the demands of the revolution.

We therefore call upon all honest nation and people to uphold the demands of the revolution was great, and we call on the masses of the Egyptian people to participate in the march millions tomorrow Fri Constitution and national unity to thwart the conspiracies of the counter-revolution and the emphasis on the vitality and the continuing revolution of the Egyptian people to achieve the most important demands for a new constitution to achieve democracy and social justice.

Long live the revolution of January 25! Long Live Egyptian people's struggle for freedom and justice and human dignity!

March 10, 2011 the Egyptian Communist Party

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