Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Beck's Attack Piece on Freedom Road - Loaded with Lies... As Usual

Fact Check on Beck

1. It didn’t get much attention in the media… - The organized attack on Pro-Palestine and other activists by the FBI was well publicized in the Working Class Media, though ignored in the arena privately controlled by the capitalist class to spread their poison and lies. Workers WorldNewspaper, Fight Back! News, and other publications not linked to the capitalist ruling class or dependent on their funding were unafraid to cover the story. I suspect the reason it was ignored by the right-wing media especially was due to the fact that it didn’t fit their narrative of Eric Holder and Obama being secret Communists, when they are repressing Communists.

2. Hard drives, cell phones and evidence gathering… - Not just cell phones and hard drives, but their children’s school art projects and numerous personal belongings. The FBI took 60 boxes out of one house. It wasn’t evidence gathering, it was mere harassment.

3. Unions and Radicals working with Islamists… - “Radical Islamist” is an odd term. Many of the groups that the attacked activists are accused of “aiding” are secular. The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia - Patriotic Front (FARC-EP) are secular organizations with no religious principles. Contrarily, the government of Saudi Arabia which Beck believes is the innocent victim of a Communist/Islamic conspiracy, is openly an Islamist Theocratic Monarchy.

4. I don’t think the teachers are Communists… - I beg to differ. Beck’s TV program has numerous times hammered home the point that the public schools should be dismantled because children are being “indoctrinated” by "Communist Teachers"who are organized into unions.

5. Joe Iosbaker… an official with the union… - Joe Iosbaker was elected by his fellow service workers at the University. He was not appointed by reformist labor leaders like Andy Stern. His fellow workers put him into union office by the democratic process.

6. New Party now known as the “working families party” – The working families party is located in New York state and runs Democrats for office on a separate ticket in order to make a political statement. It is linked with ACORN and other Democratic Party front groups. The “New Party” is an entirely different organization, no longer in existence, but started in Chicago, far from New York, as an attempt to build an ALTERNATIVE to the Democrats.

7. The Woods Foundation… - The woods foundation also had numerous Republicans on the board. The board contained nearly 100 people other than Barrack Obama and Bill Ayers. Bill Ayers is currently well respected educational theorist. He has also loudly disassociated himself with his radical past and is a committed Reformist. His book “Fugitive Days” contains numerous apologies.

8. National Liberation… Like Liberation Theology… - National Liberation is a Marxist-Leninist concept that each nation should be able to determine its own road, not being imposed on by other nations. Liberation Theology was an anti-Marxist revival of “Christian Socialism” in Latin America among Roman Catholic clergy who aligned themselves with Trade Unions and other struggles for justice.

9. Edmund Burke… SEIU – Burke, like Iosbaker, was elected by his co-workers to his positions in the SEIU. If Beck advocates that “big government” should intervene to determine who workers on the shop floor can elect to positions within their organizations, he should say so, or shut up.

10. How much did it take… some serious smoke to do that... –
For months Beck hammered home the conspiracy theory that the New Black Panther Party was being propped up by the “Communist” Justice Department. Now, he admits the FBI is harassing Communists and leftists. The logic is essentially: “If even Adolph Hitler killed the Jews, they must have been REAL NAZIS!”

11. Mumia Abu Jamal… Shot this police officer… - This allegation has been disproven numerous times. The bullets were proven to be from another gun. Witnesses have recanted. The movement to defend Mumia is largely based on a belief that evidence shows his innocence. Beck ignores that fact, as in previous segments, making it sound like Pope John Paul II, the French Government, and numerous other well known moderates are simply in support of shooting police officers. A "straw man" if ever. Beck never debates Jamal's guilt of innocence, simply pretending that Jamal's supporters agree with his guilt. I wish the "liberal media" would make the movement for Jamal well known enough that such a lie would not be able to pass.

12. Cops as shields… - While some police officers supported the demonstrators at the capitol, pigs are pigs, and bacon is bacon. The police violently attacked a member of the State government who tried to access his clothes. They also roughed up numerous demonstrators when clearing the building. Beck and FOX however ignored this brutality, but instead focused on the alleged damage done by tape residue from signs.

Real Support, huh?

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