Saturday, February 12, 2011

Stephanie Lingle - Menace! Take Action!

Above is the face of Stephanie Lingle, who receives Cleveland taxpayer money as a paycheck.

Stephanie Lingle is an Assistant Prosecutor in Cleveland, OH. On Feb. 3rd, when Christine Martin testified for the defense in the case of Rebecca Whitby her neighbor, Lingle responded by having Martin arrested on a warrant. The warrant was for someone else, not Christine Martin. Though Christine loudly proclaimed it wasn't her, Martin was dragged into the court room crying and handcuffed.

Stephanie Lingle laughed about it. She said "She got what she deserved" despite the fact that Christine Martin was not the person on the warrant.

Lingle should not be a prosecutor, she should be prosecuted, and jailed.

Call the Prosecutors Office: 216.443.7800

Ask for her to be dismissed. Retaliation against witnesses is not ethical legal behavior.

(Information above is based on an article in the latest issue of Workers World, to be posted online shortly.)

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Anonymous said...

thank you Caleb, for keeping us aware of these abuses.-Abbie Hoffman