Monday, February 7, 2011

Glenn Beck Admits He Hates Freedom & Loves One Party Dictatorships and Monarchies!

In the above clip, Glenn Beck discusses his fear that various pro-U.S. governments in the middle east will fall as their people rise up in revolution.

It is ironic that Beck calls himself such a patriot and "constitutionalist" when the governments he seems to adore and fear for include the following:

Jordan - An absolute monarchy with a King, no elections at all.

Egypt - A brutal U.S. backed dictator, magically has won every election in two decades, and has a secret police force that tortures anyone suspected of seeking reform. U.S. embassy estimates that thousands are tortured daily in wiki-leaked memo.

Saudi Arabia - Another absolute monarchy, and the only country in the modern world to practice beheading. Death penalty for homosexuals. Women are not allowed to leave their homes, even for medical care. Squads of armed thugs with clubs patrol the streets looking for "infidels" who question the government.

Yemen - Another U.S. backed dictator, who has magically won every election since 1978. He also has a squad of secret police who torture and execute dissidents.

Ironically as well, most of these regimes have Islam as the state religion. In fact, Saudi Arabia is a religious state run by the Whahabia sect of Islam.

Beck, for some reason, believes that the movements throughout the middle east that are demanding "democracy" are a danger. Instead, Glenn Beck thinks, as stated above, that overthrowing these brutal dictators will lead to disaster.

Does Glenn Beck love Democracy? Not in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, or Yemen.

Does he hate radical Islam? Not in Saudi Arabia or Jordan.

Does he oppose monarchy and absolutism? Not in Jordan or Saudi Arabia.

Does he believe in free elections? Not in Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, or Yemen.

Remember when he was telling us we had to invade Iraq in order to "bring democracy." Remember when he called Obama a "dictator" for wanting everyone to have health insurance?

I think I will send him this personal letter:

Dear Glenn Beck,

Why do you hate freedom? Why do love absolute monarchy in Jordan and Saudi Arabia? Why do so adore one party dictatorships that massacre their people in Yemen and Egypt?

Aren't your pep rallies called "Tea Parties" in honor of the overthrow of a King? I guess now you like Kings, as long as they let U.S. oil companies and banks do as they please.

You must like "radical Islam" and Sharia law now too, as it seems you are terrified of it leaving Saudi Arabia.

You lying hypocrite! Do you ever stop and read what is on your tele-prompter? Do you really love Absolute Monarchy and One Party Dicatorship? Or are you just a fool?

-Caleb T. Maupin

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Anonymous said...

Where did Glenn, as you put it, "Admits He Hates Freedom & Loves One Party Dictatorships and Monarchies!"
I never heard him say that in the video.