Saturday, January 22, 2011

Tunisian Workers' Communist Party Statement from Jan. 15, 2011

Note: Image above is Hamma Hammami, spokesman for the Tunisian Worker's Communist Party

For a Constituent Assembly Which Sets the Milestones of a Democratic Republic

The Tunisian people have won a splendid victory over the tyrant who fled the country in search of secure refuge. The Constitutional Council, which is none other than the work of Ben Ali, immediately announced that Fouad Mbazaa, President of the puppet Parliament, would take up the interim presidency pending the holding of new presidential elections within 45 to 60 days.

The Communist Party of the Workers of Tunisia (PCOT) welcomes this victory won by the people thanks to their will, their historic resistance, their sacrifices and the blood of the martyrs.

The PCOT states:

1. The victory won today is only partial; it will only be full with the attainment of the desired democratic change and its realization.

2. Democratic change cannot under any circumstances emanate from the same party, its symbols, institutions, apparatus and legislation, which maintained the dictatorship and deprived people of their basic rights for more than a half century, 23 years under the regime of Ben Ali.

3 Fouad Mbazaa, the interim president, is one of the arms of Ben Ali, the president of an institution imposed by Ben Ali that does not in any way represent the people. To set a period of 45-60 days for presidential elections seeks to ensure the continuity of the dictatorial regime through one of its ancient symbols.

4. The greatest danger today would be to rob the people of their victory, to deprive them of their sacrifice, of their legitimate ambitions for freedom and a dignified life through the maintenance of the Ben Ali regime under a new democratic facade.

5. Democratic change in all its political, economic, social and cultural dimensions demands an effective and immediate break with the tyrannical regime. This demands the formation of a provisional government or some other executive authority that will hold free elections for a constituent assembly, which is the basis for a genuine democratic Republic, where the people enjoy freedom, social justice and dignity.

6. The political, trade union, cultural, human rights forces and all our people must together draw up the future of Tunisia. Nobody can arrogate to themselves the right to negotiate with the regime on behalf of those forces who have played a determining role in bringing down the dictator.

7. It is urgent that the democratic forces involved on the ground form united national organs for a democratic change, whose prerogatives would to ensure the safeguarding of the gains of the people and demand the peaceful transfer of power to the people.

8. The totality of democratic forces throughout the country must organize in committees, commissions or councils at the levels of regions, localities and sectors, to organize the popular movement and confront the reactionary maneuvers, operations of looting and pillage that suspicious groups are carrying out in order to terrorize the citizens and scare them away from democratic change so that they put their fate in the hands of the repressive apparatus.

9. The army, consisting essentially of the children of the people, is called upon to ensure our safety and the security of the country. It must respect the choices of the people and their aspiration for freedom, dignity and social justice; this demands the rapid lifting of the state of emergency so that it cannot be a pretext to prevent the people from pursuing their legitimate struggle and achieving their ambitions.

* For a provisional government

* For a constituent assembly

* For a democratic republic

Communist Party of the Workers of Tunisia

Tunis, January 15, 2011

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