Sunday, January 9, 2011

JDL Supports British White Supremacists

The Confession

Linked above is a statement by Zionist thugs of the Jewish Defense League. In it they proclaim their support for English Defense League.

Here, you can read about the English Defense League, and how they "give Nazi salutes" and "burn Anti-Nazi" symbols. The group bars anyone from joining who isn't white. It is an ally of the Neo-Nazis of the "British National Party", and is descended ideologically from the British Union of Fascists.

It seems the Zionists have no problem with Nazism, as long as it means hatred for Muslims and support for their reign of terror in Gaza.

Zionists should fool no one about Israel being necessary because of the holocaust. Here is absolute proof that Zionists hug Nazis, as long as their agenda of mass Palestinian death can be enacted.


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Julia Riber Pitt said...

I dealt with those zionist trashies once, three years ago when I was in California. They are nuts.

Kind of ironic how they want to buddy-up with neo nazis, since they claim to be against nazis (as nazis are against Jews, except for those who did business with zionist leaders way back when). But the two groups seem to go together nicely.

My Encounter with the JDL back in Feb. 2008