Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Messages Stress Economic Challenges

By John Catalinotto
Published Dec 5, 2010 9:19 PM

In many of the 35 solidarity statements Workers World Party received for its Nov. 13-14 national conference, besides expressing solidarity, the organizations focused on the capitalist economic crisis and the need for workers to combat the austerity programs imposed on the working class. These organizations represent workers and oppressed people, all of whom are facing a ruling-class offensive, whether the particular government is made up of rightist parties, such as in France and Italy, or has social democratic parties in office, such as in Spain and Portugal.

The Caribbean and Latin American Coordinator of Puerto Rico wrote: “We have no doubt that to achieve their goals, capitalism and neoliberalism will continue with the policy of shrinking the government, laying off thousands of workers, and helping even more those who have so much money that they just want to have submissive servants, converted into beasts of burden. This capitalist onslaught requires all of us working in the same direction, as the enemy is the same: finance capitalism and imperialism.”

The Communist Party of Portugal wrote: “In the European Union, the ruling classes have taken advantage of the crisis to launch a major onslaught against working people and their rights. Everywhere, wages are being cut, retirement ages are being raised, social benefits are being destroyed and all aspects of the ‘welfare state’ are being targeted. Capitalism is revealing its exploitive nature to the full.

“In Portugal, where a government of a so-called Socialist Party has been spearheading the offensive for the past five years, the response by the working people has involved some of the largest demonstrations of the past three decades, and a general strike. A new general strike has been called by the country’s largest trade union central, CGTP-IN, for Nov. 24. Our Party is actively engaged in mobilizing working people for this crucial struggle, in defense of their rights and of their livelihood.”

The Workers Party of Belgium wrote that “the coming years are not only a challenge, they are also an opportunity. Working people can understand better than ever since the Second World War that capitalism offers no future for them. As we strengthen our parties, extend our militant mass work, improve our organizations, we can help the workers find the path towards socialism. That’s our common alternative to this system of worsening conditions for the workers of our countries, for the peoples of this earth.

From Denmark, the Communist Party wrote: “The present crisis and threats to humanity come from imperialism with U.S. imperialism in the center. It is therefore extremely important and most inspiring to us that revolutionaries such as you are working in the very heart of imperialism in order to mobilize the workers and progressive people against their ‘own’ bourgeoisie and its calamities.”

The Pole of Communist Rebirth in France wrote: “Worldwide capitalism is seeking to make workers pay for the structural crises of its system, but now the exploited are beginning to raise their heads. This is true here in France right now, where they are holding large demonstrations and strikes, trying to combat social regression. It is true also in Latin America, where in recent years, strengthened by the example of the Cuban Revolution, the peoples of the continent have struck serious blows against imperialism. From this arises the need for the communists, progressives, to strengthen their links internationally.”

From the Spanish state, the Galician People’s Union (UPG) wrote: “We are aware of the huge difficulties that fighting for socialism in the heart of the empire entails. But we also know how hard the members of the WWP work in their steadfast effort to convince the working class and the people that, in the United States as in the rest of the world, the only way out of the current and future crisis involves a complete overthrow of the current capitalist system.

“This change calls for a strong and organized Party, a proactive Party, and a revolutionary Party.

Once again we send you our most fraternal greetings from Galicia where the communists of the UPG work within the BNG patriotic front in order to achieve national sovereignty for our people as a step along the path towards a socialist society.”
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