Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Loony Moony Paper Lies A Lot - Chavez & Obama, not Twins or Dictators

A Response To: "Chavez Copies The Pelosi-Reid Playbook

The self-proclaimed rein-carnation of Jesus Christ, Rev. Sun Myung Moon's personal propaganda newspaper "The Washington Times" has published an editorial claiming that Barack Obama is using the "lame duck congress" to assume "dictatorial power" and that Venezuela's Hugo Chavez is doing the same thing.

The paper is wrong on both counts!

If the paper were not the primary right-wing newspaper in Washington D.C. it would not be worth a response. If the fact that the paper is run by a minister who believes he is the reincarnation of Jesus Christ is not enough to discredit it entirely, here is more.

1. The Reason For Electoral Losses

The reason Chavez's party is losing the almost absolute power it has in the National Assembly, is because the Anti-Chavez parties boycotted the previous elections claiming they were fraudulent. As the saying goes, you miss 100% of the shots you don't take, not just in basketball, but in all fields of life.

Pro-Chavez parties will still have 59% of the parliament, in an election approved by the United Nation, the Carter Center, and the Organization of American States.

2. New Law Will Give Chavez "Absolute Power"

No. Blatant Falsehood.

The new laws will enable Chavez to make decrees with regards to emergencies.

His decrees cannot surpass the constitution (which includes freedom of the press, etc.), and can be revoked by popular referendum, if only 5% of the population wants one.

Even this expires in 18 months.

The law was passed to enable Chavez to rapidly move people suffering from flooding without requiring the approval of the National Assembly. The decrees can only be applied to areas related to the economy, environmental sustainability, and public safety.

He cannot decree people to be jailed, declarations of war, or anything else.

Overwhelmingly, numerous times, the people of Venezuela have voted by over 60% majorities to transform the country into a socialist republic.

The law will enable Chavez to support the massive worker's movements in the country that are seizing factories, establishing communes, and replacing the army with popular militias left and right.

5 out of the 6 major televisions stations in the country are owned by private companies hostile to Hugo Chavez. Only one of them has lost its license due to calls for his assassination, and it remains available to all on the internet.

3. This is comparable to Hitler's "Reichstag Fire" and the Italian Fascists "March on Rome."

Hitler's "Reichstag fire" was a totally different political occurrence.

Hitler falsely claimed that the Reichstag Fire was carried out on order from the Communist International. As a result, all elected members of the Communist Party were arrested, giving their seats to the to the Second Place winners, in many places the Nazis.

Hitler did not have a majority in the German Parliament until the jailing of the Communists. Despite massive electoral fraud, Hitler never had even a plurality in Parliament. He was appointed Chancellor, and never had any electoral strength until the jailing of the Communist who won seats.

Chavez, on the other hand, has had a clear electoral majority since 1999, without any electoral fraud. In addition, the decree law does not enable him to suppress the civil liberties of the opposition parties. How is there any comparison?

And Benito Mussolini's "March on Rome" in 1922 was a strong-armed seizure of power. The "decree laws" were not passed until a gang of thugs, "Black Shirts" called the Fascisti, armed by wealthy italian capitalists burst into Rome, dissolved the government and set up an un-elected group of themselves.

Chavez has not dissolved the National Assembly. He has not had any members of the government opposition parties arrested. He has not dissolved the parliament at the barrel of a gun.

How is there any comparison?

Chavez has been granted similiar powers twice before in the country's history, in 1999 and 2007. Each time the law has expired, no mass arrests of the opposition have taken place, and the Venezuelan right-wing continues to be free to lie, disrupt, and do its best to preserve capitalism.

4. Obama is somehow doing the same thing

Obama has failed to enact even the extremely moderate program on which he was elected. No public option exists in healthcare. Healthcare reform has been reduced to corporate handouts, nothing comparable to publicly accountable, free quality healthcare Chavez has enacted.

Despite have 60 votes in the U.S. Senate, the Democratic Party has allowed the Republicans to filibuster everything. Obama screams of "bipartisanship."

Rahm Emmanuel, a key figure in the Obama administration said that people who think his healthcare bill didn't go far enough are "f---ing retards."

Unlike Chavez, who has embraced the Socialist and Communist movements, the Obama administration loathes them. Robert Gibbs railed against the "Professional Left" who want to "shut down the pentagon" and establish "Canadian Healthcare."

Obama's program of the capitalist status quo, and Chavez program of popular, democratic socialist transformation, have nothing in common.


What the people of the world need to understand is this. The Right-Wing will never approve of Social Progress.

No matter how democratically approved your reforms are, and how much popular support they have, they will still proclaim "dictatorship."

In addition, no matter how much "bipartisanship" and mouthing of "cooperation" is given, the right-wing will still insist that you are a "brutal dictator."

Chavez has done a lot, but with massive popular support. He is called a dictator.

Obama has done NOTHING, and betrayed the many people who voted for him in the name of change. The right-wing still insists he is a "brutal dictator."

The only road to change that is possible is the road of class struggle. We cannot negotiate or have civil debate with the capitalists.

We seek justice for all. They seek eternal wage slavery.

CLASS AGAINST CLASS, is the only way forward!

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