Monday, November 22, 2010


Dear Readers,

At risk of writing to many "personal updates", I will comment on the new name of the blog. "Class Against Class" is the title of this blog, replacing "Caleb's Columns." I do this because I think the phrase "Class Against Class" is so desperately needed among those struggling for social justice. A lack of understanding of Socialism and Marxism-Leninism as based in "Class Against Class" is the biggest burden on the modern working class movement.

The figures that see socialism either as a utopian dream to be won through evangelism, or as a "moral path" that the ruling classes can be persuaded to accept have to long polluted the struggle. In the age of dying capitalism and the agony of jobless recoveries, "Class Against Class" is the most desperately needed message for ALL workers to hear.

In addition, with much reflection and self-criticism I have determined that "Caleb's Columns" sounds like the title of a teen scrapbook or the diary of a bourgeois celebrity. A Revolutionary Marxist-Leninist blog needs a Revolutionary Marxist-Leninist title, not merely one based on the name of its author.

So, goodbye "Caleb's Columns", welcome to "CLASS AGAINST CLASS!!!!!!!!!!"

-Thanks Comrades and Readers,


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