Sunday, June 27, 2010

NYC Unions Rally Against Cuts

Thousands of New York City workers — from janitors to teachers, day care, transit and hospital workers — rallied at City Hall on June 16 to oppose 11,000 layoffs and deep cuts in every social program demanded by the banks and billionaire Mayor Michael Bloomberg. They were joined by community and student groups from across the city. Every time speakers said the words “Wall Street,” roars of anger swept the ranks. The greatest response came when speakers vowed to take back our city; a few union leaders said we’ll shut the city down. The rally’s power and the workers’ militancy were diluted, however, by police barricades that penned everyone in and separated workers from each other. Many workers wanted to break out and march through the streets. They expressed hope that at the next rally, they’ll do just that.

— Gavrielle Gemma

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