Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Video: Sam Marcy on the Fundamental Contradiction of Capitalism

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Anonymous said...

That was incredibly boring. Sam Marcy is not a great thinker. His books are pretty second rate, even for Marxist sects.

Caleb, I don't understand why you waste you time in WWP. Of all the WWP personalities, you are the most interesting. If I have to listen to Larry Hales yap on about himself one more time, I swear my head will explode.

Maybe you are on the WWP payroll, I don't know. But, you seem like you could be doing alot more than spinning your wheels in WWP movementarianism. I mean c'mon. Trotsky and Lin Biao on the same webpage? You aren't that stupid, even if WWP is.

The world is alot bigger than WWP. I hope you figure that out.