Thursday, January 7, 2010

Holocaust Denial in U.S. High School Classroom

Las Vegas, NV - A teacher at the Northwest Career and Technical Academy is on suspension through Christmas for telling students that the Holocaust never happened.

Lori Sublette allegedly also told them last month historic photographs were doctored, text books are inaccurate, and that the Nazis lacked the technology to kill so many people.

"I was blown away," says Henderson Rabbi Sanford Akselrad. "When she distorts the Holocaust she not only insults the Jewish people but she sends the message to the students that history can be revised, distorted."

The Clark County School District says Sublette won't return to school until after Christmas, pending further action.

Action News went to Sublette's house hoping to get her side of the story.

However, a woman who was seen inside and overheard saying "there's someone at the door," refused to answer, even after repeated requests.

Officials with the school district say the curriculum specifically states that teachers must stick to what's in text books, which discuss the Holocaust in depth, and show evidence of it.

"This speaks to the heart of not only to Jewish identity but what it means to be a teacher and speak truth to children," says Rabbi Akselrad.

Akselrad says if these allegations prove true, Sublette should not be allowed back in a classroom.

Police are also investigating a possible hate crime after anti-Semetic text messages were sent to several students.

After Sublette's alleged comments, several students received texts on their phones saying that someone related to [Adolf] Hitler would cut their throats if the message wasn't forwarded.

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