Friday, January 15, 2010

Central European Dictatorship Honors John McCain

Above is John Mccain receiving an award from the government of Georgia. Interestingly, Georgia is listed by Freedom House as "partly free." Wikipedia says this: "Despite the reforms by the new government, there are still numerous problems concerning respect for human rights in the country. Prisoners are frequently maltreated, journalists are intimidated by the authorities and much of the mainstream media is owned by government supporters. The police are often accused of planting evidence, beatings and the unnecessary killing of suspects."

Hmmm... "Spreading Freedom" huh? I wonder what the reaction in the so "un-biased" U.S. press would be if Obama, or any other U.S. politician got an award from the Government of Venezuela which is constantly accused, though falsely, of the very same things.

Some "dictatorships" are admired by the U.S. it seems.

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