Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cleveland FIST Will Protest the FBI!

Is This 'National Security?'
The FBI, dubbed the "Federal Bureau of Intimidation," by FIST (Fight
Imperialism Stand Together), a campus group hosting a recruitment
workshop at Baldwin-Wallace College on Tuesday, Oct. 27th, at 11:30
AM. Malicky Center, At the corner of Bagley and Front St.

The FBI is advertising with the phrase: “The FBI is way more than a job.”
They are right. The FBI is not just a job, but a group that uses terror and
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intimidation tactics against citizens and legal residents of the US.
The Cleveland Chapter of FIST is calling a protest against the FBI and
its history of terror.

The FBI is the institution that murdered Fred Hampton of the Black
Panther Party in 1968 while he slept with over 200 bullets.Fred
Hampton's Murder: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fred_Hampton

The FBI is the institution that works day and night to block Leonard
Peltier from being paroled after decades in prison for a crime he is
innocent of.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leonard_Peltier#Possible_clemency_from_Clinton

The FBI of the 1960s had an entire department called COINTELPRO that
suppressed leftist activity, the Black Freedom Struggle, the LGBT
Rights Movement, Women’s Equality Groups, and countless others who
opposed the order of the day. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/COINTELPRO
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The FBI was recently revealed to have been funding the Neo-Nazi Radio
Host Hal Turner who has threatened the life of former Congresswoman
Cynthia Mckinney on the air, and sells miniature nooses on his website
celebrating lynching.

The FBI sent Martin Luther King a note urging him to commit suicide,
and tried to black mail him into leaving his activism for civil rights

The FBI spent millions of dollars investigating the protests against
lynching in the old south. It did nothing to stop the brutal
extra-legal murder of Black people.
The FBI routinely works hand in hand with white supremacists and open
fascists, such as in Greensboro, North Carolina, where the FBI helped
four Communist Trade Union Organizers to be murdered in 1979.
The FBI is now practicing entrapment by recruiting people to do
terrorist attacks, and then arresting them before they succeed. The
victims of these sick publicity stunts are rarely white.

The FBI continues to harass members of the Islamic Community who
protest against the crimes committed against the Palestinian people.
It justifies this harassment with lies that such legitimate dissidents
are “terror suspects.
The FBI is a tool of the rich and powerful in the U.S. against the
working class and all oppressed people. We must proclaim to them “YOU

For info, contact: 330-347-5473

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