Monday, September 7, 2009

Glenn Beck: Master-Baiter

Van Jones Said the following things:

1. "Whites are poisoning black communities" - Environmental Racism is a documented fact. Pollution of impoverished and minority neighborhoods happens much more frequently, Detroit's incinerator being a prime example.

2. "Free a 'cop killer'" - The movement to free Mumia Abu Jamal is based on overwhelming evidence of his innocence, not worship of Cop Killing. Duh.

3. "We need a new system" - A large number of people think this, according to recent polls.

4. "Redistribute Wealth" - See above.

Glenn Beck does not have the courage, knowledge, or ability to argue such points. He does not call on Communist Intellectuals, advocates for Mumia Abu Jamal, or even scholars who have documented environmental racism.

Why? All such people could make a case for such things.

Instead, Beck takes advantage of the fact that people are un-educated about such issues by a so-called "left-wing" media, and accuses those of believing such things as being "dangerous" and "insane." Beck knows he cannot win the debate about such issues.

The arguments for Capitalism are disproved by history more apparent now than ever before.

All Beck and the right have left is baiting "communist", "cop killer", and "black nationalism" in order to scare people. They know that their ability to actually argue with defenders of such views is limited and weak.

Glenn Beck should have me on the show, or any leaders of Workers World Party. We could argue in favor of the points he does not feel merit argument. Obviously if the President of the U.S. appoints someone with such views, they are worth debating, not dismissing in a paranoid rant.

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