Friday, July 24, 2009

Capitalism & Women's Liberation: 3 Questions

The results are in. The highest rate of anti-female crimes, including rape, sexual violence, domestic violence etc. is in:


Nope, not Tehrehan, not Kabul, not Darfur, not Harare.

The highest crimes against women are going on in New Dehli, India, a free market, Neo-Liberal city. I have a question for 3 political ideologies being promoted in the US:


REPUBLICANS: Do you advocate invading India in order to liberate women from the society with the highest rate of violence against them, even though this city is under the economic control of the United States and is not defiant like Iraq and Afghanistan? Bush's invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan were justified with liberating women, so why not India? There's no hidden agenda, right? The U.S. invades, bombs, pillages, and murders out the goodness of its heart, right?


DEMOCRATS: Shall we now be having concert, college campus tables, glossy poster, free CDs, and positive CNN coverage for the Maoists Naxalite Rebels? Will oil companies and Zionist pressure groups be lobbying congress to sanction the indian government and fund the Maoist Communist Revolutionaries? The justification of the liberals "moral outrage" campaign in support of the forces seeking to overthrow the government of Iran is supposedly based on your outrage about the oppression of women. Why does the CIA not start shipping money and guns to the Communists of India? Will I be able to watch a "Concert for the Naxalites" on VH1 next week? Will my college fund "Save Indian Women" tables? Will my college professor distribute free copies of Llakar Magazine? Will Liberal Churches, New Age Meditation Clubs, and Zionist Synagogues send millions of dollars to the Communist Party of India (Maoist) in its struggle to liberate women, one of its state goals?


LIBERTARIANS/CONSTITUTIONALISTS: Why is New Dehli, India the city with the highest crimes against women? All of India excepting the region controlled by the Communist Party of India (Marxist) and the liberated territories of the Naxalites is free market dominated. I've heard from right wing think tanks and Austrian School propagandists so many times about how capitalism is rescuing people in the impoverished world by "providing jobs" in sweatshops and stealing natural resources? Is the Market Liberating Women? Shouldn't it be Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, Zimbabwe, or Nepal that has the high anti-women crime rates? The free market, contrary to what the propaganda film "Slumdog Millionaire" says, doesn't seem to be freeing the women of India.


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