Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Complicated Phrase

People my age get especially upset when people say "Dialectical Materialism", perhaps this will be useful...

Change is something interesting.
Change is what took the universe from a tiny cluster to the world around us, and the galaxy expanding all the time.
Change is what takes us from childhood to adulthood, from birth till death.
Change is cave wall inscriptions to highway side bill boards.
Change is a stream to the grand canyon.
Change is rivers, bleeding down into oceans.
Change is death inside to life outside.

What is an atom? It is protons, nuetrons, electrons
What are protons, nuetrons, and electrons? Energy
E=MC Squared
Einstein Proved it
Change is all that exists
"Matter" is an illusion
Permanence is an illusion
All that exists is change
If you are not changing, you do not exist
reality is change, change is reality
evolution is an understatement
A cannot ever equal A

This is What they call Dialectical Materialism.
A complicated phrase. Yes, I know.

- Caleb T. Maupin

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