Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Baldwin-Wallace Food Justice Council

Emergency Communiqué


Tonight is an interesting night. We, in the Baldwin-Wallace Food Justice Council, have been distributing leaflets announcing our meeting on this coming Thursday. Through our leafleting, we have found out some interesting facts.

1. We have almost universal support on campus. Not a single person has challenged us, or said they disagree with us. As we were leafleting through one fraternity hall, a crowd of Fraternity Brothers were whipped up into a frenzy of cheers as they saw us leafleting. They told us that they were mad as hell about the prices, and happy that somebody was doing something about it.

2. Our leaflets have been banned by the college administration. As one member of our group was printing out more leaflets in the computer lab, we noticed a lab monitor throwing them away as they were being printed out. We questioned her about it, and she informed us that she had been told by the college administration to throw leaflets with “Food Justice Council” on them away. She said this was because “only official student organizations may post fliers.” This is false. B-W’s campus is decorated with leaflets promoting all kinds of off campus events. Rap concerts, Vector Marketing, Quickstar, rooms for rent, and other non-campus organization advertising covers the campus. The B-W Food Justice Council is the only one subject to be ripped down. This is an outrage.

3. We Have Been “Documented.” As the campus has directed its employees to rip down our signs, we found it best to slip them under student’s doors, as to best reach them without being interfered with by the administration. For this “crime” or “advertising” which is frequently done by Fraternities, Sororities, Charities, and Vector Marketing, one of our members has been “documented” and could be subject to disciplinary action.

We wish to announce that we will continue to leaflet and spread our message, and fight for fair food prices. The Baldwin-Wallace Student Handbook and the United States Constitution defend the right of students and other human beings to peacefully petition authority with grievances. We will not be silenced and suppressed by the administration. We will continue to speak. We will not be shut down. We are human beings. We are not “brats”, “kids”, “punks” etc. We are adults paying $30,000 a year to attend an institution of higher learning. We will not surrender.

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