Saturday, February 9, 2008

Glenn Beck vs. WWP

By Caleb T. Maupin

Published Feb 9, 2008 8:55 AM

Glenn Beck is a right-winger and propagandist for the rich and powerful. His radio program is broadcast over 260 radio stations and he has a nightly “news” program on CNN.

He called Che Guevara a “cold-blooded killer.” He wants Mumia Abu-Jamal to die. He says the John Birch Society, whose founding document accused the civil rights movement of “making trouble in the South,” is “making more and more sense.”

He called for Barack Obama to change his name to Osama bin Laden. He has compared the global warming awareness movement to Nazism. He says the people of New Orleans chose to die.

He is truly a disgusting character.

On Jan. 9 he talked about Democratic candidate John Edwards. Beck is outraged that Edwards has been appealing to workers by saying, “It’s the very rich against everybody else.”

Of course, Citigroup, the Fortress Investment Group, Goldman-Sachs and other ruling class firms have been funding the Edwards campaign. That should tell us something about Edwards. But even mouthing populist demagogy is too much for Glenn Beck.

Glenn Beck proclaimed, “I listened to him [Edwards] last night give a speech, and, I mean, why not just start wearing the Soviet star on your head and the Workers World Party?”

So Workers World Party is the incarnation of what Glenn Beck, a modern-day McCarthyite, fears the most. What a compliment.

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Anonymous said...

Good post.

I think that Glenn Beck Must Have A Hole In His Head and that his most recent CNN article requires some Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes.