Friday, December 14, 2007

20 Libertarian/Constitutionalist/Fascist goals for the United States

The Far-Right has long paraded a ficticious list of the “Communist Goals for the United States of America.” I have instead listed 20 of the actual goals of the Libertarian/Constitutionalist/Far-Right/Fascist movement in this country:

1. Replace public schools, which are required to be somewhat religiously and politically neutral, with right-wing Christian fundamentalist academies which indoctrinate students with ultra-right ideology, and are run to make profits.
2. Abolish the Federal Reserve and remove all elements of economic planning from the U.S. economy.
3. Remove all barriers against racism and defacto segregation.
4. Protect the rights of armed right wing extremists and terrorists under the slogan of the “right to bear arms.”
5. Remove all social programs which aid the poor, including Social Security, Medicare, Workplace Health and Safety, Unemployment Insurance, Drug Treatment Programs, Student Loans, and the Department of Labor.
6. Legalize all pollution of the environment; deny global warming as a “globalist conspiracy theory.”
7. Remove all laws to protect children and women from domestic violence. Restore the right of patriarchal males to violently abuse their wives and children, as part of the “natural rights.”
8. Use ant-Israeli sentiments to attack all Jewish people, Zionist or not.
9. Hijack the Anti-War movement, and replace class conscious and progressive understanding of militarism with nutball conspiracies about “the Illuminati”, “the Masons”, and the Federal Reserve.
10. Eliminate understanding of what motivates terrorists to attack the United States by claiming all terrorist attacks are committed by a “socialist conspiracy” with the slogan “9-11 was an inside job.”
11. Set up a network of right-wing terrorist organizations which will harass immigrants, minorities, and leftists. Begin with the Minutemen.
12. Rewrite history to make Communism worse than Fascism.
13. Rewrite history to paint Adolph Hitler, and fascism as somehow leftist or “socialist.”
14. Rewrite history to make organized labor into “thugs” and the robber barons into “responsible businessmen.”
15. Rewrite history to make Ayn Rand a credible and widely respected intellectual.
16. Rewrite history to make Senator Joe Mccarthy into a great American hero.
17. Remove all public knowledge that Socialism and Communism ever had a mass following in the United States. “Who controls the present, controls of the past.”
18. Remove all public access to the media. Abolish public television and cable access requirments. Secure capitalist control over all means of information.
19. Remove corporate charters, and any other regulations of big business.
20. Remove Marxist and Leftist thought from campuses, in the name of “academic freedom.”

Sounds a lot like freedom to me! I challenge any libertarian to deny that such things are on their agenda.


Anonymous said...

This has to be the most misinformed column I've ever read. Libertarians and Constitutionalists have no intention of rewriting history or removing anything, in fact, it's the opposite. You sound like a seriously misinformed communist sympathizer. In fact, after looking through your page, it's safe to say you are a Communist. I could literally sit here and correct all 20 things you've listed. But it would take too much time. Instead, I suggest you do some personal research. Until then, it's safe to consider you insane.

Anonymous said...

well, there a some on the right that think like that. But they are not libertarians.