Monday, March 7, 2011

Workers Confront Union Buster - The Face of Things To Come


1. It's only a foreshadowing of things to come. There was only one Glenn Grothman, and thousands of workers. Likewise, there are less than a million millionaires in the world, and 6 billion others who have barely enough to survive. Crowds of thousands chasing a single capitalist are if anything, not mathematically representative enough of the minority who rules, and the overwhelming majority whose day will come, slowly but surely.

2. Social-Democracy is the enemy within our own class camp.
When workers rise up, and no Police, Fascists, Armies, FBI agents, etc. are there to defend the rich, there will always be another group, that being few social-democratic class collaborationist saying "peaceful" and "don't touch him" as they masses try to take power.

These elements value the "peaceful democratic process" more than feeding hungry children and making sure mass death in imperialist wars, and the very misery of capitalism end.

Lenin's book "Proletarian Revolution and the Renegade Kautsky" will never be outdated.

No matter how justified a revolution is, there will always be a few "leaders" of our class who will declare the revolution to be immoral. The rulers will always be sure to hand these folks airwaves.

The 1918 Workers Revolution in Germany was crushed by the Social-Democratic Party, who shot down workers with guns kept in the same pockets as their membership cards in a "socialist" party.

The government of Alexander Kerensky was made up of numerous "socialists" and "communists" like the Social Revolutionary Party, the Mensheviks, and others who happily executed Bolsheviks in the name of "socialism."

Mubbarack, the butcher of Egypt's left and tool of Israel and the U.S. was a member of the "Socialist International." So was Tony Blair.

"Some will raise the red flag, only to oppose the red flag."
- Slogan of the Communist Party of China.

3. People often get it, despite what they are told. They also learn quickly.
There are always working class people who get it, and can confront the "left" flank of the capitalists and catch them in their lies. The Democratic officials who attempted to quiet the crowd met some good, common sense, proletarian arguments.

"We tried everything to get you back in." --- "Everything but open the doors!"

This exchange could have been an exchange between the 1930s leaders of British Labour Party and the thousands of British workers suffering under the boot heels of capitalism with a "socialist" government.

"We tried everything to give you Socialism!" - "Everything except overthrow capitalism!"

In the course of confrontation with the bourgeoisie, consciousness rapidly expands. Ideas that never before were considered by workers, are realized as common sense.

4. There is mass anger from below, and a sentiment that can build the basis for a strong Marxist-Leninist Party.

While the social-democrats and "movementarians" were crying "peaceful protest" and waving boy scout style "peace" signs to quiet the crowd, they were doing it for a reason.

There were many workers there with an unquenchable blood lust, longing to take power from the ruling class, and possibly revenge on a man who is destroying the "way of life" they had been told was naturally built into the U.S. capitalist system.

I imagine the Koch brothers will be having nightmares about the French Revolution for weeks. I can imagine that Documentaries portraying the treatment of Nazi collaborators in post-war France will not be on the History Channel much longer.

Once revolution comes to the U.S., Communists will have to work very hard to calm the anger that has been building up for centuries against the ruling class, so it doesn't turn into an ugly reign of terror, but rather into the construction of a successful socialist society.

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