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CPC(M-L) on Canadian's Intervention in Libya

Oppose Canada's Intervention in Libya
Under the Pretext of Humanitarian Aid!
No to a "Humanitarian" Imperialist Occupation of Libya!
No to Foreign Interference in Libya! Hands Off Libya!

- Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist) -
March 1, 2011

The Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist) vehemently opposes the intervention of Canada in Libya under the pretext of providing humanitarian aid. CPC(M-L) calls on Canadian workers and people to oppose the imperialist definition of what constitutes humanitarianism. Unfortunately, this definition is supported in Canada by not only the Harper Conservatives and their government but by the Liberals and Social Democrats. They are trying to infect Canada's anti-war movement with this unacceptable definition so that it conciliates with imperialist aggression and the commission of further crimes against the peace and humanity. It is Yugoslavia, Iraq and Afghanistan all over again and it must not pass!

"The Canadian military has sent a reconnaissance team and medics to Malta in what could be a signal of deeper military involvement in the crisis in Libya," the Canadian Press reported overnight. "The 13-member reconnaissance team arrived on the Mediterranean island Monday along with two of the air force's new C-130J cargo planes and two giant C-17 transports. The aircraft will be used for further evacuations of Canadian citizens and foreign nationals from the chaotic North African country. The contingent is accompanied by nine combat medics. The high-readiness reconnaissance team, much like its previous deployment in earthquake-ravaged Haiti, evaluates the situation and often lays the groundwork for military forces that follow. Defence sources also say that special forces teams are preparing to deploy -- something the military won't confirm."

"The CF [Canadian Forces] has deployed the appropriate assets to assist in the evacuation of entitled persons from Libya," said navy Lieutenant Len Hickey, a spokesperson for Canadian Forces' overseas headquarters, Canadian Expeditionary Force Command. According to CP, Hickey would not say what role the Canadian military might be able to play.

CF contingency planning is always conducted in compliance with Government of Canada direction, CP reports, and that any decision with respect to military deployments will be announced at the appropriate time. "Releasing information about these assets might impede their efforts," Hickey said.

This is clearly part of the NATO plan to invade Libya. CP quotes "NATO sources" saying "a full range of military options has been under consideration by allies since last week. One of the most extreme measures could be the use of ground troops to open avenues for the distribution of humanitarian aid."

NATO says its intervention is dependent on UN Security Council approval. "NATO secretary-general Anders Fogh Rasmussen has said the military alliance wouldn't be taking any action without UN Security Council approval, which may be difficult to get because both China and Russia are on the record as saying there shouldn't be any interference," CP reports.

However, this is a hoax. News reports indicate that the imperialist "humanitarian" invasion has already begun with the landing of U.S., British and French special forces in eastern Libya since before the weekend. An unconfirmed report by the Pakistan Observer says, "The United States, Britain and France have sent several hundred 'defence advisors' to train and support the anti-Gadhafi forces in oil-rich Eastern Libya where 'rebels armed groups' have apparently taken over.

"According to an exclusive report confirmed by a Libyan diplomat in the region the three Western states have landed their 'special forces troops in Cyrinacia and are now setting up their bases and training centres' to reinforce the rebel forces who are resisting pro-Qaddafi forces in several adjoining areas," the Pakistan Observer says. The item continues:

"A Libyan official who requested not to be identified said that the U.S. and British military gurus were sent on February 23 and 24 night through American and French warships and small naval boats off Libyan ports of Benghazi and Tobruk.

"The Western forces are reportedly preparing to set-up training bases for local militias set-up by the rebel forces for an effective control of the oil-rich region and counter any push by pro-Qaddafi forces from Tripoli.

"Other reports claim that efforts to 'neutralize' the Libyan Air Force were also underway to limit Qaddafi's rule in Tripoli if not fully uprooted from the country.

"Meanwhile, three Indian Navy warships, are also being dispatched to be deployed in the rebel-held areas of Libya.

"According to reports the Indian Navy has already sent two warships plus one its largest amphibious vessel INS Jalashwa. According to defence experts Jalashwa is the largest ship of Indian Navy which was delivered by the U.S. four years ago. Jalashwa, formerly the USS Trenton, has the capability to embark, transport and various elements of an amphibious force and is equipped with mechanized landing craft, Sea King helicopters and armed with radar, ship to air missiles and rapid firing guns.

"Experts say that Indian ship Jalashwa has a Landing Platform Dock with a capability 1,000 fully armed troops. The warship is also used for maritime surveillance, special operations, search and rescue and to undertake other tasks."

What is confirmed however is the statement of British Prime Minister David Cameron who said on Monday, "We do not in any way rule out the use of military assets." The "world community is looking for ways to step up pressure on the Gadhafi regime beyond sanctions and travel bans, which have the most immediate impact," CP quotes him saying. "We must not tolerate this regime using military force against its own people. In that context, I have asked the Ministry of Defence and the Chief of the Defence Staff to work with our allies on plans for a military no-fly zone," Cameron said. According to CP, "Cameron also suggested Britain might even arm Libyan opposition forces if the regime continues to use violence to crush street demonstrations."

Meanwhile, there is no unanimity to invade Libya in what David Cameron calls "the world community." Prensa Latina reports:

"Differing points of view will dominate a high-level gathering of the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC), which began meeting on Monday in Geneva.

"Although the 16th session of the Human Rights Council will run until March, the high-level deliberations will conclude on Wednesday.

"For Latin America, participants include Venezuelan Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro, Argentina's Hector Timerman, Mexico's Patricia Espinosa, Nicaragua's Samuel Santos, and Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez.

"According to reports from Geneva, Uruguayan Foreign Minister Luis Almagro, Costa Rica's Rene Castro, Brazil's Human Rights Minister Maria do Rosario Nunes, Ecuador's Justice Minister Jose Serrano, Colombian Vice President Angelino Garzon, and several Latin American deputy ministers will also participate in the meeting.

"The United States and its allies in the European Union are pushing for the expulsion of Libya, one of the council's 47 member states, but there is no consensus, given the opposition of other nations.

In a statement on Friday, the Cuban representative to the Human Rights Council in Geneva, Rodolfo Reyes, spoke out on behalf of his government for a peaceful and sovereign solution to the crisis in Libya. Cuba rejected any manoeuvre leading to foreign military intervention in Libya and reiterated a call to Libyan authorities to keep calm.

"We cannot accept the risk that this tragic situation is used to satisfy pro-intervention greed, strip the Libyan people of their sovereignty and take over their resources," said Reyes.

He warned of plans for a humanitarian military intervention which Cuba opposes because, instead of solving the situation it would rather worsen it and might have other serious implications.

In an official statement addressed to the head of the UNHRC, Reyes said that Cuba has denounced from the start these plans to occupy Libya and categorically rejects any manoeuvre to favour such purposes.

Certainly, the Libyan people oppose any foreign military intervention, said the Cuban ambassador, who also cited Cuba's concern about the internal situation of civil war surrounding Libya "in the context of a world economic crisis of great dimensions that is plunging the peoples of that region and the world into hopelessness," as stated by Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez in Brussels.

"We want the Libyan people to reach a prompt, peaceful, sovereign solution to the situation created there, without any kind of interference or foreign intervention, that secures the integrity of the Libyan nation," said Reyes as he expressed the Cuban Government's stand.

The scenario unfolding recalls the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia and the U.S.-led invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan. This time NATO will go all out to play a central role because of the inter-imperialist contradictions between U.S. and European interests over control of Libyan oil where the Europeans will not want to play second fiddle to U.S. decisions. The attempt to grab control of the Libyan oil spigot of the European Union, a major competitor of the U.S. monopolies in world markets, is itself a seriously destabilizing factor in world politics that will increase the danger of war as the big powers strive for control over sources of raw materials and spheres of influence.

No to the So-Called Humanitarian Imperialist Occupation of Libya!
No to the Incitement of Anarchy and Violence to Destabilize Sovereign Nations!
No to the Use of Force to Sort Out Conflicts Within and Between Nations!

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