Thursday, June 3, 2010

Workers World Party Statement: Israeli Terror must not pass!

Published Jun 2, 2010 10:05 PM

Workers World Party links arms with the heroic members of the Freedom Flotilla who risked their lives trying to break Israel’s genocidal siege of Gaza. We mourn for those who were cut down by the racist settler state of Israel while on a humanitarian mission and will redouble our militant support for the movement to end the blockade.

Israel now adds piracy and murder on the high seas to its long list of crimes against the Palestinian people and their supporters. It is not known yet whether the decision to carry out this foul deed came only from Israeli commanders or whether its imperialist sponsors, especially Washington and London, were also involved and informed.

Either way, such conduct by a small country would be impossible without the undeniable support and collusion of these imperialist powers over decades. Israel has again and again launched terror attacks on the Palestinians and on neighboring countries like Lebanon. It carried out a ruthless military campaign just 16 months ago against the civilian population of Gaza, bombing and burning to death more than 1,400 Palestinians.

Now these same imperialists are trying again to put out the fires of resistance sparked by Israel’s crimes. As they have done before, with each act of Israeli terror, the U.S. and Britain in particular block any meaningful international condemnation of this outrageous act at a time when the people of the world are demanding retribution.

It has never been clearer than now why Israel gets away with its crimes: It is a ruthless instrument of imperialism that was deliberately planted in the Middle East to counter the long and growing struggle of the peoples of the region to finally free their resources from Western exploitation and regain their sovereignty.

Israel is a racist, settler state that has much in common with the apartheid regime in South Africa. In fact, documents have just been revealed showing Israel agreed to supply the apartheid regime with a nuclear war-making capability - a deal that was thwarted when the African people, supported by a world anti-apartheid movement, succeeded in bringing down the racists.

That’s what is needed now - a worldwide movement to pull down the racist settler state in Israel. It is an essential and key element in the growing struggle of the workers and oppressed peoples of the world to get the billionaires off their backs and win economic and social justice.

June 2

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