Sunday, August 7, 2011

New Right-Wing Talking Point: "All Bad people are Liberals..."

By Caleb T. Maupin

When Jared Lee Loughner shot congresswoman Gabrielle Gifford, there were two interpretations of the events. The liberals proclaimed that the right-wings “violent rhetoric” had inspired a “mentally ill” youth to commit a crime. The right-wing proclaimed their “violent rhetoric” had nothing to do with this lone “mentally ill” youth committing an act of violence.

The mainstream media, both left and right, ignored the following facts:

1. Loughner was an anti-immigrant activist who wrote for the White Supremacist “American Renaissance” magazine.
2. Loughner’s website was filled with more than just lucid dreams, but with “End the Fed” Libertarianism.
3. Loughner listed among his favorite books, not just Mein Kampf, but also “We the Living” by Ayn Rand.

The media even re-wrote the accounts of Loughner’s behavior in order to depoliticize them. The media reported that Loughner screamed and yelled at a woman in his English class who wrote a poem about having an abortion. The press ignored what he screamed at her: “Baby Killer” and other Anti-Choice rhetoric.

Loughner was an ultra-right wing murderer. There is no debating this.

Unless you ask the mainstream media. The liberals has declared him to be “mentally ill.” The conservatives have declared him to be a “liberal” because he used drugs and was in a rock band.

No one has bothered to point out that an Anti-Abortion, Anti-Immigrant Activist, who reads Ayn Rand and thinks the Federal Reserve is Communism is a conservative.

He shows up in court with a White Supremacist style Skinhead, yet the press still can’t blame the right-wing, and right-wing press insists he's a left-winger.

On To Norway…

Anders Behring Breivik bombs a government building killing eight people. He then goes to a summer camp of the Labor Party, a Social-Democratic Party with roots in the "Second International" and kills 69 people.

He justifies it was a book that is far over a thousand pages long. His book says he committed the crime to defend “Christian Civilization” from “Islam.”

He calls his enemies “Cultural Marxists.”

However, the right-wing media in the U.S. goes into hyper-speed declaring, he couldn’t be what he said he was, a right-wing Christian who hates muslims and Communists, i.e. A Republican.

Bill O’rielly proclaims he isn’t a Christian, because “the Bible forbids murder.”

Ann Coulter has decided he couldn’t be right-wing because sections of his text define Christianity differently than she does.

Millions of Americans are being told that a Muslim Hating Christian who shot scores of teenagers for being “Cultural Marxists” is a “liberal.”

Back to Hitler

This trend gets even worse when the Right-Wing discusses world history.

Hitler, because his party had “National Socialist” in its name, is declared to be “Left-Wing.”

Hitler called his party a “Party of the Right.” (See his speeches:

Hitler said his main enemy were the communists.

Hitler publicly proclaimed himself to be a very devout Roman Catholic.

Hitler put homosexuals, Communists, Jews, and Gypsies into death camps.

Hitler invaded a slew of other countries, and justified it with rhetoric about “ridding the world of Bolshevism.”

But Jonah Goldberg and loads of other right-wingers think Hitler was a “socialist” and a “leftist” because he was secretly a pagan, was a vegetarian, and “didn’t support Israel”(?).

The New Narrative

When I was a child in school in rural Ohio, I learned from my very conservative teachers, the following:

There is an extreme left-wing ideology called Communism. There is an extreme right-wing ideology called Fascism. American Democracy is great because it is a healthy middle ground, not extreme.

This dialogue is now being re-written.

Now, the dialogue is this:

Hitler was a leftist. Why? Hitler was bad, all people that do bad things are left-wing. Hitler couldn't have been a right-winger, because right-wingers are good by definition.

I greatly disagree with a number of tendencies and ideologies on the left. However, despite my disliking their strategies and tactics, I recognize what side of the spectrum they are on.

Though I may have political differences with the leadership of the Communist Party of China, for example, I don’t proclaim them to be “secret republicans” and that “the conservative media just calls them Communist to make us look bad.”

That would be ridicules. Though I dislike their actions, I recognize what side they are, and what goal they are seeking with their actions.

Millions of Americans are being systemically taught to think in the following terms:

“The left is evil by definition. The right is good by definition.”

The right-wing insists on homeschooling their children, making sure they never hear anything to contradict this narrative. The right-wing works overtime to ban school books that challenge this narrative.

If at any point Christians are forced to have "equal time" with other religions, the right-wing calls this "persecution of Christians."

If liberals are allowed to teach at Universities, this is "persecution of conservative students."

Millions of children across the U.S. are being raised to be believe that all leftists are purely evil and worthy of death.

They are also being raised to believe that if at any point an view contrary to their own is recognized and treated with anything but verbal abuse and hatred, they are being "persecuted."

Its probably thoughts like this that allowed Loughner, Hitler, and Breveik to morally justify their actions.

According to this logic:

Giffords was a liberal, so by definition she was evil.

The Jews, the Communists, the Gypsies, were “non-German” so by definition, evil.

The teens at the Labor Party’s summer camp were “cultural marxists”, so by definition evil.

If a group of people is declared evil be definition, it very easy to justify murdering them.

The right-wing media is proclaiming all right-wing terrorism to be, by definition, left-wing.

The liberals do not argue with them, instead going on about "both sides of an issue" "taming the shrewd rhetoric" and "not being extreme or dogmatic."

With no substantial response from liberal, entire mindsets are being reforged.

No one who is bad, can be right-wing, according to the new narrative.

Ironically though, by denying that right-wingers are capable of terrorism, they are creating a mindset, that justifies more right-wing terrorism.

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