Sunday, August 28, 2011

Montes' Case Delayed

Published Aug 25, 2011 9:37 PM

By Aracely Espinosa
East Los Angeles, Calif.

Freedom Road Socialist Organization activist Carlos Montes appeared for his Aug. 12 hearing in the Los Angeles Criminal Court.

This trial had been postponed on two previous occasions by the Court of the City of Alhambra in East Los Angeles, and from there it was finally transferred to a criminal court.

On each occasion, the crowd supporting the FRSO activist’s cause has overwhelmed the federal and judicial authorities, who have tried to keep the case private and avoid public support from the progressive movement.

On the latest occasion, the hearing began in the scheduled room, but the judge ruled that it should not have been held there. The public was then sent to another room within the criminal division, where another trial was being conducted by Judge Marylou Del Villar Longoria. As she started to review the case of Carlos Montes, the judge determined that she could not be on the case because she knew the Montes family and therefore could violate the rule of “fairness” sworn by law officials.

This caused another delay, and the audience once again had to wait and move to another room. There, another judge was waiting just to tell Carlos Montes and his lawyers that there will be another appointment on Aug. 19 for the release of the confiscated properties, and that the next hearing will be on Aug. 29 in the same criminal court.

The hypocrisy and bad intentions of those in charge of delivering justice in this system, once more show their failure to comply with the real and fair task of implementing their responsibilities in a transparent way. In this way they fail to display humanity and professionalism.

Does all this represent fear of the people, who demand justice and knowledge of the truth? Are they waiting for the masses to grow weary, in order to carry out illegal repression without witnesses?

Well, they are wrong. We will be there again and again until the final victory!

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