Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New Right Wing Book Champions.... THE DARK AGES!!!!

The conservative movement has taken yet another historical leap backwards. Instead of pretending to be part of the bourgeois revolution against feudalism and donning tri-cornered hats while imagining that both King George III and Barack Obama are Communists, they have now found a new cause to champion: FUEDALISM.

This new book "The Genesis of Science", published by the same crowd that has been writing revisionist historical texts on the Civil War, Economics, etc. is being promoted with info like:

* Why science and technology flourished in the Middle Ages not despite of the Church, but because of it
* Why Galileo's notorious trial was about politics, not science
* Why people in the Middle Ages did not think the Earth was flat—and how they could actually prove it wasn't
* Why the Inquisition never executed anyone because of their scientific ideas or discoveries

Yes, the historical revisionism industry is at it again!

First it was Jonah Goldberg claiming that Hitler had the politics of the NAACP.

Then it was Glenn Beck claiming that Woodrow Wilson was a Marxist at the same time he put all the Marxists in jail.

Now, in ultra-right, historical (hysterical?) revisionist lala-land, the Dark Ages were a great time to live, because theocracy under the Catholic Church was all about teaching science. (You know, the good kind, that they agreed with.)

I think this clip below sums it up pretty well:


Ted Paliobeis said...

Well, in truth, Galileo's trail was about politics--or at least the impact of the implications of modern science on political and social relations.

Heliocentricity still remains essentially unproven. It was only adopted by Galileo because the math describing the motion of the planets was simpler than the Ptolomaic system. The Ptolomaic system did, in fact, work in mapping the movements of the stars.

Unknown said...

Neither the Sun nor the Earth is at the center of the System. There is no Center, just an Infinite nest of Spirals.