Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Egytian Communist Party Resumes Public Activity

From: Bikya Masr

CAIRO: The Egyptian Communist Party has decided to resume public political activities and will create a party by the same name, the group said in a statement.

The party said this announcement comes in line with the new climate created by the 25 January Revolution; the statement came following a conference on Monday.

The move is also a prelude to continuing the communist struggle, which started in the early twenties of the last century, despite Egypt’s official exclusion of communism, which was imposed in parts by authoritarian regimes over the past decades, the statement added.

The Egyptian Communist Party, which was established in 1975, derives its legitimacy from the masses, said the statement. Its legitimacy come from its struggle and its historical association with the Egyptian working class, and also stems from the social aspirations and political development of the Egyptian people and the laborers who are eager for a new society full of freedom, justice and dignity and to get rid of dependency.

The party plans to hold its Fourth General Congress in the coming period, which would be the group’s first conference after announcing its activities to the public. The congress will set a work plan and a program aimed at achieving the objectives of the revolution in the next phase.

The birth of this party will make it the fourth leftist party in the Egyptian political arena, which has witnessed the establishment of a number of new parties. The parties are waiting obtain their official licenses following the amendment of the political parties law, which will take place following the referendum on constitutional amendments to take place on Saturday.

The parties waiting to receive their licenses include the People’s Alliance Party, the Egyptian Socialist Party, and the Democratic Labor Party of Egypt.

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