Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Canada Needs an Anti-War Government - Vote Marxist-Leninist!

- Press Release, March 28, 2011 -

In this election, the Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada will field about 70 candidates. With the addition of several more youth candidates, this is up from 59 in the 2008 election.

● The MLPC calls on Canadians to participate in this election by taking an active approach to their own empowerment.

The crux of the matter in the election is the contest between people striving for empowerment and the insistence of the establishment parties to use the election to block the people's movement for democratic renewal.

The electoral process and institutions in this country are called democratic but their very aim deprives the people of the conditions they require to exercise the rights that belong to them by virtue of being human, including a meaningful exercise of the right to elect and be elected. As a result, governments enact laws that benefit the monopolies at the expense of the interests of the people.

"Unless workers, seniors and youth make a concerted effort to keep the establishment parties out of power and put worker politicians who are active in working for democratic renewal into power, the crisis will continue to be sorted out in a manner that favours the rich, not the people," party leader Anna Di Carlo says. "The Marxist-Leninist Party calls on Canadians to make their voices heard by voting Marxist-Leninist," she adds.

● The MLPC will continue to organize worker politicians to form an anti-war government.

"Nothing reveals the corruption of the so-called democratic institutions more than the fact that all the parties which make up the cartel party system just voted unanimously to impose a variant of the same democratic system onto the people of Libya with tomahawk missiles," party leader Anna Di Carlo says.

"Even though the action has the stamp of legality conferred by the UN Security Council, it violates the UN Charter and is illegitimate and immoral. Canadians do not want a pro-war government. We call on them to recognize the need for an anti-war government by voting Marxist-Leninist," she says.

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