Friday, February 11, 2011

Nazi/Communist Alliance in the Weimar Republic? FALSE!

Glenn Beck has told a disgusting lie on national television. This is blatant and disgusting. Beck, in the above clip, maintains that the Nazi Party and The Communist Party were allies during the Weimar Republic.

This is just false.

The Communists formed the Red Front Fighters League to combat the Nazis.

Hitler's book Mein Kampf proclaims "Marxism seeks to deliver the world directly into the hands of the Jews."

The Communists had numerous Jewish people among their ranks.

The Nazi party was always militant in its Jew Hatred.

Hitler participated in the crushing of the 1918 Spartacus Revolution in Bavaria.

The Nazi party acted as an anti-communist and anti-labor goon squad.

Entire sections of Mein Kampf are devoted to demonizing "Marxism", "Bolshevism", and "Social Democracy."

Hitler referred to his movement as a "party of the right" that sought to save Germany from the "Red Flag of Destruction." Read Hitler's own speeches, posted various places on the internet for proof of this.

The phrase "First Brown, Then Red", and "After Hitler, Us" reffered to the Communist Party of Germany's (KPD) belief that Hitler would come into office and make capitalism look so disgusting with his open racism and cruelty, that workers would let the Communists walk into power as a result.

This didn't happen, because when fascism triumphed, Hitler then used the Reichstag Fire to block all further elections, and have the Communists put into death camps.

The phrase "first brown, then red" was based in the "social fascism" theory of the COMINTERN (Communist International), that argued that reformist and moderate socialists were more dangerous, as they tried to make capitalism softer with reforms, and pulled militant workers away from Communism.

The theory was repudiated by the COMINTERN in 1935. The fact that the Communist Party never differentiated the Social-Democrats and Liberals with the Fascists, was a huge historical error.

But, at no point in history were the Nazi Party of Germany and the Communist Party of Germany ever in an alliance.

This disgusting lie, which Glenn Beck has screamed into his million dollar microphone is beyond belief.

Rosa Luxemburg, Ernst Thallmann, Clara Zetkin, Karl Liebkecht, and the numerous other Communists fought Hitler in the streets with guns, many eventually perishing as he came to power.

The fact that even networks like MSNBC who denounce Beck regularly are not filling the airwaves with historians refuting these falsehoods is shocking. The fact that the liberal sections of the media will let this falsehood go un-denounced shows that the "left" in the U.S. is just another wing of capitalism.

Does one have to be a Communist to realize that the Nazis and Communists hated each other throughout all of German history?

"Who controls the present, controls the past."

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