Monday, January 3, 2011

Iranian Government To Distribute Writings of Michael Parenti

From: Iran Book News Agency

3 Jan 2011 17:58
In book "Democracy for the Few", Michael Parenti American socialist politician has claimed that the operation of America's civil system is based upon the benefits of owners of the Capital and American politicians are actually well-off Americans interested in politics.
IBNA: Mohammad Shojaian, translator of the book, regarded this book as a criticism of American internal system which is published in 2009.

He added: "The American system has always claimed that it is democratic and functions according to the will of the majority whereas according to Parenti, it actually works for the benefit of the few capitalists rather than for the majority of people."
Shojaian continued: "Despite what is shown, the American system serves capitalists interests when distributing wealth, welfare, and education. He believes that the American media serves these few in every social aspect."

He asserted: "According to this writer, American politicians are in fact a part of American men of wealth who are interested in politics. He calls his county not democratic, but wealthocratic! Those with more wealth can benefit from more welfare and opportunities."

Shojaian referred to socialistic tendencies of Parenti and said: "However, his criticism is not that much dependent upon socialist theories and is rather shaped based on real statistics in the American society."

The book will be published by the Center for Islamic Revolution's Documents.

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