Friday, August 13, 2010

Welfare Rights Committee Launches Campaign to tell Candidates "Undo The Cuts To The Poor"

From: Fight Back! News
By Staff |
July 10, 2010

St Paul, MN - On July 8, members of the Welfare Rights Committee (WRC) gathered outside the Ramsey County welfare office, holding signs and passing out fliers urging people to hold the candidates for office, especially the governor’s office, accountable to the poor, unemployed and homeless.

“We are living in times of an economic disaster,” says Angel Buechner of the Welfare Rights Committee, “these politicians have to do something quick.”

According to a flier distributed recently by the Welfare Rights Committee: “For the past eight years, Governor Pawlenty has terrorized the people of Minnesota. He attacked poor and working people, the elderly, the ill, the disabled, immigrants and our children. Now Pawlenty is leaving - good riddance! But, that doesn't mean we can count on the next governor being any better… unless we speak out!”

As the campaigns, town meetings and debates heat up, WRC will be organizing contingents to ask the candidates exactly what they intend to do to help people whose unemployment has run out, who have hit the welfare time limit and who are homeless with almost no hope of getting a job.

“Until there are jobs for everyone, this state has to commit to income support for those in need. Like we always say, ‘If the state needs money, then go where the money is: Tax the rich.’ Don’t keep stealing from the poor,” said the WRC’s Linden Gawboy.

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