Sunday, May 16, 2010

"Save Our Schools!" Video of Collinwood High School Student Protests on May 14th

While Channel 3 Reporter, Dick Russ, attempts to paint a Glenn Beck style portrait of the May 13th Student Walkout as students being "duped" by Marxists, Seth Bartlekamp sets him straight.

Note: I apologize for the shaky footage. It was taken amidst a crowd of over 200 high school students and community supporters, and as I was filming I was being pushed from behind by volunteer security forces mobilized by the local elected officials to contain and diffuse the students.

This video shows students from Collinwood High School gathering in a crowd of several hundred chanting “save our schools!” Later, Martha Grevatt is shown responding the media attempts to claim the protest was part of Caleb Maupin’s “communist agenda.” Devin Branch, a local organizer with the October 22nd Coalition, is seen engaging in a discussion with a leader of the local SEIU. Devin Branch says “I am ready to accept a level of disorganization the part of the youth to make up for the lack of militancy and the complacency of the adults.” Devin Branch makes it clear that he feels the attacks on local Marxists and Cleveland FIST for supporting the student led protest are hypocritical, when NAACP and other forces ignored the students demands and have done very little to stop the destruction of the Cleveland Public School system.


Call the Fifth District Police station, 216-623-5618 & 216-623-6500 to demand all charges against the students be dropped and to protest the brutal treatment of the students. Call the Cleveland Board of Education, 216-574-8000 and Collinwood High School, 216-451-8782 to demand the suspensions be rescinded and that Seth Barlekamp not be threatened with expulsion.

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