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Priority Given to Ideological Work

If it secures ideology, socialism will triumph; if it loses ideology, socialism will go to ruin. This is the gist of the work Giving Priority to Ideological Work Is Essential for Accomplishing Socialism published by leader Kim Jong Il of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea on June 19, 1995.

The work made profound analysis of the law-governed nature of the establishment of socialist system and its consolidation and development, and the intrinsic features of socialist society and, based on this, clarified a unique idea that priority should be given to ideological work with the main emphasis on ideology in carrying out the cause of socialism.

Main stress on ideology

Without ideological work, it would be impossible for socialism to emerge, exist and develop.

Socialist ideology emerges as a reflection of the class demand of the exploited working masses who fight against domination by capital, and the socialist system is born of the struggle of the popular masses who are awakened to socialist ideology. It is the socialist society that is guided by socialist ideology and developed mainly by the impetus of this ideology. In other words, unlike capitalist society, socialist society is essentially characterized by the fact that it develops based on the strength of ideology, by the conscious activities of people armed with socialist ideology.

The consolidation, development and destiny of socialism depend on how ideological work is done and how people are prepared ideologically. Slighting ideological work when building socialism amounts to overlooking the key to socialism. This mistake will inevitably result in the corruption and collapse of socialism.

The collapse of socialism in some countries in the closing years of the last century is the consequence of the poverty and degeneration of scientific, revolutionary ideas and theories and the outcome of disregard for ideological education of the popular masses and the abandonment of ideological work among them. As the ideological bulwark fell down, great economic and military power became impotent and, in the long run, it was impossible to defend socialism.

In the whole period of his leadership over the revolution and construction

Kim Jong Il has consistently adhered to the principle of giving priority to ideological work. He evolved a unique theory that ideology decides everything. elucidated the validity of the principle of giving precedence to ideological work in every aspect and ensured that the tasks arising in all fields and sectors carried out from A to Z on the strength of ideology. He made it an iron rule to strengthen the Party and the army by dint of ideology and achieve the national prosperity by stimulating people ideologically.

The fact that socialist Korea remains unperturbed in the face of the imperialists' moves to isolate and stifle it, displaying its might as an impregnable fortress of socialism, clearly proves the validity and vitality of Kim Jong Il’s leadership who has always stuck ideology as the main factor.

Modeling whole society on one ideology

Socialist ideology which reflects man's demand for independence and collectivism constitutes a powerful ideological weapon for transforming nature and society and carving out human destiny and an ideological basis for closely uniting all members of society into an integrated whole. Therefore, to arm people firmly with socialist ideology and bring them up into those strong in ideas is the basic factor for giving full play to the advantages of socialism and stepping up the revolution and construction by strengthening its power.

Kim Jong Il, based himself on the Juche idea created by President Kim Il Sung, father of socialist Korea, believes that the independent ideological consciousness of the popular masses plays a decisive role in the revolution and construction and that nothing is impossible in the world when they are awakened and enlisted ideologically.

Regarding it as the key task of ideological work to model the whole society on one ideology by imbuing all its members with socialist ideology, he has led the work. He firmly equipped all people with a monolithic ideology by intensifying ideological education among them with the main emphasis on the education in the Juche idea

Today the great ideological and mental strength of the Korean people and the lofty ideological and moral traits displayed by them testify to the vitality of ideological education. In the DPRK all the people are single-mindedly united behind their leader and the whole society forms a great harmonious family where everyone lives and works full of confidence and optimism.

By dint of ideology

The path traversed by socialist Korea for the past 15 years since the publication of the work eloquently shows the vitality of Kim Jong Il's ideas and theories.

Korea is not large in size and population and, furthermore, is still suffering from the tragedy of national division forced by the United States for over half a century. It, however, has defended socialism, adding more lustre to it without the slightest vacillation even in the face of the severest situation and hardships in the closing years of the last century as it has given priority over all other work to ideological work with the main stress on ideology.

Today in the DPRK world-startling innovations are ceaselessly wrought in its drive to build a great, prosperous and powerful nation as its service personnel and people are giving fullest display to their indomitable mental power in order to defend socialism by dint of ideology. Recent years witnessed eye-opening successes successively including the manufacture and launch of the second artificial satellite Kwangmyongsong No. 2 completely by its own efforts and techniques, the perfection of the Juche-based steel-making system of using no coke and the mass-production of CNC machine tools and vinalon cotton.

Now it has become a fait accompli that the Korean people with strong ideas and faith will surely build a thriving socialist nation.

Kim Jong Il's work Giving Priority to Ideological Work Is Essential for Accomplishing Socialism serves an important guideline not only for the Korean people but for all parties and people around the world aspiring after socialism to strictly adhere to in their work.

True Way For Carving Out the Destiny of the Nation

A decade has passed since the Korean leader Kim Jong Il published the work, On Preserving the Juche Character and National Character of the Revolution and Construction, on June 19, 1997. The work is receiving full support and response of the countries and the people who are fighting for independence for its scientific nature and truthfulness, and is displaying its great vitality.

In his work, the leader explained: Maintaining the Juche character means that the popular masses shape the destiny of their country and nation and their own destiny independently and creatively by being the masters of their destiny. Sustaining the national character means preserving and developing the good qualities of the nation and embodying them in all spheres of social life.

Adherence to the Juche character and national character is a principled requirement for carrying out the people's cause of independence in keeping with its own nature, and its past and present conditions.

A country and nation is a community of people as well as a basic unit in which they shape their destiny. The masses' destiny is inseparably linked with the destiny of their country and nation. Since the popular masses live and shape their destiny within a nation-state as a unit, it is impossible to realize the masses' independence unless the independence of their country and nation is ensured. As each nation has peculiar cultural traditions that have been formed and consolidated down through history, it is impossible to meet the masses' desire for independence and their interests to the full if their national character is ignored.

Preserving the Juche character and national character and ensuring the independent development of the country and nation are an essential requirement for strengthening international unity and solidarity and contributing truly to the development of the independent cause of mankind. When the Juche character and national character are suppressed, and when the independence of countries is trampled upon, inequality and discord occur among countries, and unity and cooperation become impossible. It is clearly shown by the disputes and conflicts occurring in some countries and regions of the world.

Loving one's country and nation is a prerequisite for maintaining the Juche character and national character.

Without a country and nation, nobody can live and shape his destiny. Those who want to shape their own destiny truly must consider the country and nation as the base of their lives and love them ardently; they must find the worth and value of their lives in devoting their all to the independence and prosperity of the country and nation.

Carrying out everything in one's own style on the principle of national independence is the fundamental requirement for preserving the Juche character and national character.

It is the right to independence which nobody is allowed to infringe upon to deal with the problems arising in shaping the destiny of one's country and nation according to one's own decision. The failure to assert one's own opinion and faith, when under the pressure of foreign forces, leads to subordination and national ruin. This is proved by the catastrophic fate of the countries which followed the intentions of the imperialists and dominationists and lived consulting their pleasure. In developing the society and economy, it is always necessary to find out and rely on one's own way and methods and to apply one's own national style in all spheres of government and social life, not expecting anything from the “prescription” of others.

One's own internal force is the real guarantee for preserving and embodying the Juche character and national character.

One's own strong political force as well as the economic and military forces must be fully prepared by achieving national unity based on the unanimous desire and common interests of the nation.

In preserving the Juche character and national character it is very important to enhance national pride and self-confidence among the people.

National pride and self-confidence are the manifestation of love for the nation and the spirit of national independence, and they are formed when the good qualities of one's nation are understood. In addition to preserving the national heritage handed down through history with a correct view, new fine national traits must be continuously cultivated. Only then the nation's fine traits can bloom and develop further and national pride and self-confidence be enhanced.

The struggle to preserve the Juche character and national character is inseparable from the one against imperialism and dominationism.

Aggression and plunder are the real nature of imperialism. No matter how the situation may change, the dominationist ambition of the imperialists will not change.

The present miserable situation in some countries including Iraq and Afghanistan demands that the anti-imperialist, independent stand be always held on and even the slightest element of illusions about imperialism be wiped out. The fear of imperialism is another expression of illusions about imperialism. Imperialism is by no means an object of fear. One can win a victory if one sees through the vulnerability of imperialism and courageously stands against it. The struggle against imperialism should be linked with the struggle against the traitors to the nation in collusion with the imperialists. If the traitors who have sold out the country to foreign forces are tolerated, it would be impossible to check the domination and interference of the imperialists or achieve the independent development of the country.

Korea, which had been a colony of the Japanese imperialists in the first half of last century, achieved the national liberation and built a genuine people-centred socialism by adhering to the Juche character and correctly applying the national character. Especially, it firmly defended socialism in the political upheaval of the world and against the general offensive of the imperialists' allied forces at the end of last century, and is now building a great, prosperous and powerful socialist nation.

The reality of Korea proves that preserving the Juche character and national character is a right way for carving out the destiny of a country.

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