Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Featured Online Book: "Expanding Empire" by Vincent Copeland

Expanding Empire
By Vincent Copeland

Copeland’s "Expanding Empire" tells the story of U.S. imperialism from its beginnings in 1898 up to the Vietnam War. The pamphlet was written during the Vietnam War and became one of Workers World’s most popular titles. It went through several printings.

The purpose of the pamphlet was to show that the war was not caused by any particular politician. Rather it was a product of the capitalist system.

The same is true today. In the end, it all comes down to profits. "Expanding Empire" explains how the capitalists’ insatiable greed for increased profit inevitably produces war. And it shows how the only way to prevent future wars is to destroy capitalism at its roots.

* Chapter 1
Foreign wars and foreign investments

* Chapter 2
Times haven't changed much

* Chapter 3
How Big 3 auto makers expanded, while over 300 others died

* Chapter 4
The meaning of Pacific power

* Chapter 5
The capitalists' gigantic stake and why they must defend it

* Chapter 6
Growth of foreign investments drives U.S. to war

* Chapter 7
How big business picks the secretaries of state and defense

* Chapter 8
The flag follows the dollar

* Chapter 9
World War II: U.S. expanded, and so, Peal Harbor

* Chapter 10
Korea: First battle in global class war

* Chapter 11
The global war drive of business and the forces that will stop it

* Chapter 12
The simple but difficult solution

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