Monday, February 15, 2010

Elizabeth Trisler: "How Dare I Not Be Given An Award By The Government For My Ability To Preach A Specific Political Viewpoint!"


Elizabeth Trisler wins a contest for Anti-Choice speeches. For some bizarre reasons she's going to be given an award in the OHIO STATE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. (????!!!!)

But now, she is persecuted because she can't get an award from the Government of the State of Ohio for it. See the below clip.

I think I am going to start a "Communist Speech Contest." If the Ohio House of Representatives does not allow me to give the award ceremony on the floor while the house is in session, I will cry persecution, loudly, demanding that the government endorse my views by letting the winner of a Pro-Communist contest speak in a government building, during a session of a governing body.

If I am denied this, will I get to go on FOX News and whine about it how persecuted Communists are for not being endorsed by the State Government? I sure hope so. That looks like a lot of fun.

You see "persecution" to a right-winger is defined as "not being universally endorsed and blindly praised by absolutely everyone", and also "being challenged with a different viewpoint."

Christian kids are persecuted if there is no openly endorsed school prayers.

Republican kids are persecuted if their teacher presents them with the reality of Global Warming.

Fundamentalist Christian kids are persecuted, if they are made aware of the fact that the theory of evolution exists and is accepted.

However, the 1940 Smith Act or the Communist Control Act, which set up REAL FEMA CAMPS for Communists, and JAILED PEOPLE FOR THEIR POLITICAL VIEWS, are just "functioning democracy."

What is wrong with this world?

How come every time I've been confronted by views I disagree with, or better yet, not been openly endorsed by a government body I don't get a national TV audience to listen, and the sympathy of Steve Doocy.

Am I really a fool to think Communists are persecuted under capitalism? Am I really a fool to think that the super-rich control the media?


Julia Riber Pitt said...

This girl's bad experience is going to be the new "reason" the right-wingers have of sticking it to pro-choicers. What a brat that girl is. Going on Faux "News" to whine about how the state politicians didn't have time for her little speech.

Reagan said...

Actually, she didn't say "How Dare I Not Be Given An Award By The Government..." She only said that they were playing politics... And it appears to even the ACLU that this is exactly what happened. Actually, many of the policies advocated for by the liberals in congress ARE in fact Communist - or Socialist, a more moderate form of Communism. And I'm sure if you want to start a national socialist organization than you would be perfectly free to do so... As did some Germans in the last century - they chose to call themselves the Nazis, National Socialist Party. I'm sure we all remember how THAT turned out. But it's a free country, and you're perfectly free to do so! And about the girl - she wasn't delivering her speech, taking up time, or anything like that. She was merely receiving a document commending her for working hard to reach her goals. She stated her views on this "controversial topic" - that they were silencing her because they didn't agree with her on a point - camly and graciously, declining to call names and mud sling. And when she finally was presented with her award, she extended her hand to Speaker Budish, demonstrating grace and maturity. Even if I don't agree with her speech, I believe that she deserves the same right to choice as the rest of us. Even if you don't agree with her choice, fairness on BOTH sides is imperative in a free country. :)

Lukas Z. said...

Elizabeth T. wasn't "whining". She wasn't even the one who told the media about it. She just wanted fairness for both parties involved. BTW, one interview proves she knew from the beginning that she wasn't going to give her speech at the Capitol of Ohio. That wasn't the issue.
Also, name-calling doesn't exactly help Caleb's Columns to get the message across (unless "mud-slinging" is the message).