Sunday, January 10, 2010

Video: Reccomended Reading for the Winter Months


Anonymous said...

Interesting list, but you really do a disservice to your audience by recommending the Worker’s World Book on Reparations. In my city, WWP couldn’t give that book away -- nobody wanted them. WWP gave me one at a protest. I ended up returning it at the next one rather than tossing it. It is just a bunch of reprints from the WWP newspaper. Those articles might be fine for a newspaper, but nobody wants to read a book of dumbed-down articles (in typical WWP style). There are numerous, better books on Black oppression. You mentioned prisons, for example. If people want a good book on prisons, then Christian Parenti’s book on the prison industrial complex is a serious treatment of the topic.

I haven’t read the other WWP book you recommend, but, let’s be honest here, most WWP’s books are really sub par. Like nearly every other “Marxist” organization, their books are usually bought by their own members to generate money for the organization, materials have very little appeal to anyone else. If you want a rehash of alot of dumbed-down mechanical dogma, then go with WWP materials.

Your blog is better than official WWP stuff.

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