Sunday, January 24, 2010

Oppose Canada's Rogue Democracy! Build an Alternative by establishing a Worker's Official Opposition!

- Statement of the Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada, January 22, 2010 -

The Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada (MLPC) joins with Canadians across the country who are condemning the prorogation of Parliament by Prime Minister Harper. His dismissal of Parliament is yet another move on his part to concentrate power more firmly in fewer and fewer hands.

Just as Canadians are seeing economic power concentrated in fewer and fewer monopolies and financial oligarchs, which use their monopoly power to trample our economic rights, so too political power is increasingly concentrated in fewer hands and wielded using the Royal Prerogative and by wrecking established institutions to realize an anti-social and anti-national agenda and negate our political rights. In the case of the Harper Conservatives, the concentration of power is a particularly dangerous negation of public right in favour of interpretations of biblical revelations.

Across the country, people are expressing concern with their lack of control over Parliament at a time the country and people face severe problems such as economic dislocation, the continuing aggression against and occupation of Afghanistan and the torture of detainees, and the violation of people's civil and democratic rights using the argument of exceptional circumstances. Canadians are demanding that Parliament be made to serve nation-building at home and abroad and not be dismissed using the Royal Prerogative.

The main thrust of the struggle to sort out this problem must be to develop the organized movement of the people to renew Canada's democratic institutions and political process. Vying for power to serve the rich and nation-wrecking is not a basis on which to unite the people and develop vibrant institutions. A pro-social basis can be found in developing a movement of workers and democratic-minded people to elaborate a nation-building project by building Citizens' Committees for Democratic Renewal. Led by the MLPC these committees are open to all irrespective of political affiliation and ideological beliefs. Their aim is to put an end to nation-wrecking and the destruction of Canada's institutions and channels through which people can have a say in defending their interests and those of the nation.

The MLPC calls on Canadian workers, women, youth and all democratic-minded people to step up their fight for democratic renewal so that the people's opposition to nation-wrecking gives rise to a viable effective political opposition that will block retrogression and embark upon a nation-building project to solve Canada's political and constitutional crises in a way that benefits the people. This requires Committees for Democratic Renewal that forge the working class and its allies into an effective political opposition, the only social force capable of providing an alternative to the corrupt cartel party system and neo-liberal rule which has gone rogue.

Oppose Canada's Rogue Democracy!
No to the Prorogation of Parliament!
Build the Alternative by Establishing a Workers Official Opposition!

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