Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Glenn Beck in this clip does not acknowledge one key fact:


We could:

1. Cure Cancer.

2. Build Tall Buildings.

3. Provide Healthcare.

4. Explore Space.

5. Have employment.

6. Have education.

and much more.

Having a capitalist making profits off of something may be required for something to be done under this system. However, this is not the only system that exists.

The Soviet Union had many tall buildings, launched the first space-craft, and defeated the Nazis.

Cuba has a lower infant mortality rate than the United States, and the highest literacy rate and life expectancy in Latin America.

China, during the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, developed a cure for deafness using acupuncture and restored the hearing of millions of children.

The Democratic People's Republic multiplied its production of steel by 27.6 times in the first few years of existence as a socialist country.

Cuban doctors have restored the eyesight of millions of Venezuelan people blinded, and unable to afford treatment.

All of these things were done, WITHOUT BOSSES.

We do not need bosses anymore than human body needs leeches. The capitalists are a class of parasites. Without them the sky is the limit.

Glenn Beck is wrong, we do not need the rich. We have ourselves. We can run society, we do not need capitalists, exploiters, and a business elite to run it for us.

Glenn Beck is right on one point, though. Yes, we will be rich. We will be rich together when the very millionaires who run this society and give him his platform are removed, and we hold societies wealth in common, advancing toward freedom, justice, and a decent life for all.

The old wobbly hymn says it best.


Anonymous said...

Hi Caleb,

Just a question about your ideas.

Does a leader in the government not considered a boss? All these good things that happened under these governments happened with direction from someone to make happen. These things didn't just manifest themselves naturally among the people.

Anonymous said...

no poor man ever gave me a job

Anonymous said...

The term "bosses" refers to the elite group of the wealthiest which owns and controls the world's wealth. They are the bosses of the capitalist class.

They "give us jobs" and don't pay us the value of our labor.

We could run society without them a provide jobs for all.