Thursday, June 18, 2009

Demand Parole for Leonard Peltier

By Caleb T. Maupin
Published Jun 17, 2009 4:08 PM

Leonard Peltier, a fighter for the liberation of the Indigenous peoples of North America and the world, has been locked away in federal prison for more than three decades.

A participant in the American Indian Movement, Peltier was wrongfully convicted in 1976 of the death of two Federal Bureau of Investigation agents in a shoot-out at the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

For 33 years, Peltier has languished in prison, despite revelations of coerced testimonies, fabricated and suppressed evidence, and federal officials’ statements that it is unknown who fired the shots nor what role Peltier may have played. Peltier is now 64 and suffers from diabetes.

Despite his imprisonment, Peltier has never wavered in the struggle for Native rights, for his own freedom, and for an end to racist oppression and repression at the hands of successive U.S. administrations.

Peltier has a chance at freedom with an upcoming parole hearing on July 27. Those associated with his defense are calling for petitions, letters and messages supporting his release to be sent to: United States Parole Commission, 5550 Friendship Boulevard, Suite 420, Chevy Chase, MD 20815-7286.

Send all letters and messages before June 26 in time for the parole examiner to review them before the hearing. For a sample message calling for Peltier’s release, see

Let the movement of the people make it clear that we demand freedom for Leonard Peltier and all political prisoners.

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