Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Communist Images from Life Magazine: 1946

These are images from the Communist Party convention where Earl Browder was expelled, and the CPUSA was re-established with William Z. Foster as Chairman. It was right before the Anti-Communist Witch-hunts began in 1948.

Vito Marcantio, Congressman who supported the CPUSA

Paul Robeson, Artist, Civil Rights Leader, Labor Organizer, Actor, Musician

Benjamin Davis, Communist City Councilman From Harlem

Mother Bloor, Legendary Communist Labor Organizer

Elizabeth Gurly Flynn, Labor Leader called the "Rebel Girl" by Joe Hill

William Z. Foster, Re-Elected as Chairman of the CPUSA upon Earl Browder's Expulsion

Eugene Dennis, CPUSA Leader and Author of "Ideas They Cannot Jail"

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