Sunday, May 17, 2009

Brigade of Elderly Zombies Arrested at Notre Dame...

My God!!! It seems that the children of the corn grew up to be anti-choice extremists. These people don't look like protestors, they look like characters from "Night of Living Dead."

How the hell did 19 of them getting arrested become a national news story? I've witnessed more people get arrested than that a number of times, on issues such as the war, capitalism, home foreclosures, sexism, poverty, jobs, etc.

Media bias, anyone?

Also, why the hell does Obama speaking/getting on honorary degree from Duke relate to Abortion? Did his speech even mention abortion? Obama has like six million other positions. Does the religious right not realize that there are millions of other issues out there other than abortion?


He's the President of the United States for godness sake, Duke should be happy to have such a prestigious speaker. I'm not a fan of a lot of Obama's policies, but seriously? What the hell is wrong with these people?

They remind me of the "Mighty Morphing Power Rangers" movie of my childhood. The adults all get the brains zapped, and walk in slow motion muttering the same phrase over and over again.

These folks clearly have had their brains zapped by the church, and are muttering "abortion is evil, abortion is evil, abortion is evil, abortion is evil" as they try to walk past security guards.

Was my good buddy Bryan Kemper there? He could have piped them up with some of his "Stand True" music, and compared them to Langston Hughes, the homosexual communist he would have executed. Oh well, he's still probably shovelling the shit out of his basement.

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